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Protect Your Child from Drugs with Martial Arts - Peabody, MA

Protect Your Child from Drugs with Martial Arts

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For parents, it might be impossible to imagine their children falling prey to drugs and substance abuse, at least in pre-teen years. However, a glance at the reports over the past decade will show how drugs are easily obtainable to children barely 10 or 11 years old. Initiatives like Recovery Village point out how nearly 8% of children have toyed with drugs before they are 13. As parents, you need to be concerned about drug and substance abuse among children.

How to Tell if Your Child is into Drugs: Things to Watch Out For
If you are a parent, or if you are in a position like teaching or counselling and thus responsible for the safety of kids whom you interact with, watch out for the following warning signs:
  • Marked behavioral differences in the way they behave, with apparently no visible issues in school or home that could be a reason.
  • A sharp fall in their grades in spite of no particular cause.
  • Acting withdrawn and uninterested in social activities that they used to enjoy.
  • Avoiding one’s friends all of a sudden, or hanging out with new friends.
  • Developing a sudden, suspicious friends circle composed of people they have no chance of meeting in regular social environments like school.
  • Acting secretive or worried about something, fretting about privacy more than they used to do.
  • Noticeable physical symptoms like sudden weight gain or weight loss, moodiness, anger, unusual quietness/talkative nature or hazy speech.

One, or even many of these signs do not necessarily mean that a child is talking drugs. They could be just growing up, changing tastes or developing their first crush – or it could be a serious cause like being bullied, being tired from stress and work or being abused. Such signs, if they persist, could also point to a possible situation of substance abuse.

Protect Your Child from Drugs: The Martial Art Mantra

Introducing children to martial arts can help them in innumerable ways. Among others, martial arts can save your child from drug abuse and addiction.

  • Often, kids turn to drugs due to peer pressure, in order to boost one’s social image or in order to fit in. Martial arts will teach kids the confidence to discover their priorities, stay true to their values, esteem themselves and steer clear from peer pressure.
  • Sometimes, kids are bullied into taking drugs. Here also martial arts come to help as it is an efficient self-defense that makes children physically and mentally stronger.
  • Stress often pushes children to drugs. Anything from an unhappy home to burdensome schoolwork can be a cause. Martial arts teaches kids to defeat stress and find peace.
  • Martial arts training helps kids to develop the necessary discipline and self-control to direct their energy, preference and priorities to pursuits that should be prioritized.
  • Repetitive and rhythmic training sessions help addicted children to deal with the obsessive compulsion of addiction. It also gives them the will power to stay strong and battle addiction.

If you suspect that a child is taking drugs, or that he/she battles with cause factors that may lead them to drugs, it is time to find a good martial art school. 

At professional schools like Bruce McCorry’s Academy, you can enroll your child for afterschool and summer programs in martial arts, which means that you won’t have to leave them unsupervised any more. Protect your child from drugs with martial arts.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center
220 Newbury St
Peabody MA 01960

Phone: (978) 535-7878

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