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Summer Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy

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Summer Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy


Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center
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Phone: (978) 535-7878

Summer is without doubt the happiest months in a child’s calendar. Why shouldn’t it be, since there is no more school and lessons to worry about? However, it’s quite hard for parents to share the same excitement as children when it comes to summer. That is, of course, until they learn that with the right place to go to, summer can be the most fun yet productive months in a child’s year.

Summer and Productivity: Anxieties and Answers
Duffett et al in 2004 suggested that parents doubt whether summer can be productive at all for children. A brief look at other studies and surveys will show that parents’ anxieties about summer and unproductivity are actually true. It is proven that

  • Losing touch with schoolwork is something that parents should worry about, as kids not just forget their lessons but also fail to hone their learning skills during summer (Downey, 2004)
  • Summer weight gain is a fact in a child’s life – increase in a child’s body mass index is twice the normal figure during summer months (Hippel, 2007)
  •  Despite all the summer reading lists that are made and celebrated, Bright Hub Education notes that summer reading loss is an accumulated one that cannot be remedied even with fall reading.
  •  Summer reports more incidents of violence among kids than other seasons (CDS)

Transforming these months of laziness and leisure into productive times is no easy job, as every parent might know. However, with the choice of summer martial art programs at your fingertips, the goal of a productive summer is not as distant as it may seem.

Making Summer Productive and Fun: Bruce McCorry’s Summer Camp for Martial Arts
Summer is a perfect time to martial arts for a number of reasons. At a dedicated and professional summer martial art program like the children’s summer martial art camp by Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA), your children will gain the following advantages:
  •      Regular practice sessions in will help them to remain fit and toned, without picking up those extra pounds in summer.
  •    Being part of a martial art program will help them to remain healthy and energized throughout summer months, thus getting them ready for the upcoming school year.
  •      A summer martial art program can help your child to keep his/her intellect occupied and brain rejuvenated. Martial arts demand that a child keep using his/her skills of thinking, analysis, alertness and reasoning, thus sharpening their learning techniques in the long run.

  •      Summer martial art at Bruce McCorry’s is a program that your child will simply enjoy. It gives them the chance to spend time among peers and friends in a vibrant, fun atmosphere, all the while learning martial art through fun activities.

  •      For your kid, the martial art program will be an opportunity to grow as well. Martial art is proven to help its learners to be courageous, confident, and committed to values. Martial art learners easily learn to balance their work or study with their home, manage friendships and relationships, be respectful to others and develop core values of their own. Bruce McCorry’s summer martial art could be a first step toward their growth and success as individuals.

Bruce McCorry’s summer program, which couples martial arts with field trips, arts and crafts, story reading sessions and games is nothing short of a personality development program. 

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Phone: (978) 535-7878

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