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The Bruce McCorry’s Martial Art Fitness Strategies - Peabody, MA

Spring into Fitness with Martial Arts: The Bruce McCorry’s Martial Art Fitness Strategies


Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center
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If there is one dream to which no one would say no, that is fitness – the ultimate resolution which most of us hope to make come true at the beginning of every year. Yet, springing into fitness doesn’t seem all that easy in our urban lives with its unavoidable fast food culture, increasing physical comforts, and sedentary jobs which rarely ask us to be physically active. And the solutions? Well, some of them definitely seem to be fake and full of false promises, while others demand a level of dedication and effort that is impossible to spare in our busy lives. To save yourselves from this double-trap, you need the fitness strategies developed by Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts.

Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts – What makes this Fitness Formula Different?
The wide range of martial art programs for adults and children at Bruce McCorry’s Academy can offer you those physical, mental and spiritual benefits that a regular martial art course can offer. However, there are some unique combinations of martial art programs and activities which make Bruce McCorry’s the ultimate destination for all things fitness:

  • At the academy, you will find quite a unique collection of courses, specially catering to your fitness needs. Regular courses like Tai Chi, Taekwondo and Kung Fu are taught with the fitness needs of the learners in mind, with their the possible fitness benefits of these martial arts accented to help the learners.
  • Those programs which cater primarily to fitness and health of the learners are developed into special wings in the academy. A good example is Kickboxing Peabody, the flagship cardio kickboxing program, which helps to build cardiac health and lose weight in amazing speed. 
  • The three-fold division of the courses into branches for preschoolers (3-6 years), juniors (6-12 years) and teens and adults (13+ years) helps to provide age-appropriate fitness techniques for learners. Preschool kids and children are introduced to activities which will help them to avoid obesity in their formative years, whereas adults and seniors are introduced into regular fitness strategies that will help to keep them healthy and in shape.
  • Customized care provided by our instructors help the learners to figure out what fitness goals are personally relevant to them, and what strategies can be used to achieve them. Fitness martial art at Bruce McCorry’s is a collective experience that is differently meaningful to each individual who takes it.

Each martial art has aspects which can be stressed upon to tease out the maximum fitness benefits. Some rely on strategies like core strength training that aim at particular muscles in the body. Some focus primarily on physical control, balance and disciplining in order to achieve results. Some can be coupled beautifully with mind training techniques in order to achieve specific goals. 

At Bruce McCorry’s Academy, you will find deftly designed courses and experienced instructors who will help to identify what fitness goals are relevant to you and deliver the exact fitness solution that will make you reach your goal. The many fitness-oriented programs at Bruce McCorry’s academy is the solution to the double-trap of fitness that binds our modern lives: it is at once effective and transforming, but not as burdensome as a regular workout program. 

Don’t wait any more – spring into fitness with 
the Bruce McCorry’s fitness-oriented martial art programs.

Also, don't forget we are also home of Kickboxing Peabody

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