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For Your Child’s Future: Summer Martial Arts Workshops at Bruce McCorry’s Academy

For Your Child’s Future: Summer Martial Arts 
Workshops at Bruce McCorry’s Academy

Admissions are open!
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Phone: (978) 535-7878

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center
220 Newbury St
Peabody MA 01960

Phone: (978) 535-7878
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There’s no season to learn martial arts; however, if there’s an ideal season for your child to give a try at it, it’s nothing but summer! Summer is officially the perfect time for kids’ martial art. On one hand, it is the most convenient season - the only time when your kid might get a long break from schoolwork and studies. On the other hand, martial arts is the most beneficial gift that you can give your child in summer – after all, why would you want your kid to waste away their precious break in front of the television or the internet, when they can easily learn so much and have great fun at a martial art program? If you are looking for a perfect summer program for your child, Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) is the one and only place you need to check out.

Bruce McCorry’s Summer Workshops: Change Your Child’s Future Forever
Unlike other summer programs, Bruce McCorry’s Academy’s Martial Arts Summer Workshops for children is an all-rounder character and personality development program. Most children who attend the Workshops speak of it as a life-changing experience, often in testimony to the many brilliant advantages that they get at the Workshops which no other summer course can match:

  • The Summer Workshops introduces kids to the world of martial arts in the easiest and the most fun way possible. Through the Workshops, they find themselves mastering those martial arts which will help them to build their health and energy and stay fit and flexible.
  • The Summer Workshops is nothing short of a comprehensive character and personality development course. Though martial art remains the highlight, the program fuses together fun activities, field trips, arts and crafts, reading sessions, games, storytelling and much more. The plethora of activities at the academy is a great way to develop social skills, to improve memory and focus, to learn cooperation and teamwork, and to develop self-esteem.
  • Summer is the time for children to take a break from studies, clear their minds, and get ready afresh to tackle a new school year. The Summer Workshops helps this process by teaching children to declutter, avoid stress, build confidence and learn patience, punctuality and discipline. 
  • The Bruce McCorry’s Summer Workshops is the perfect way to initiate your child into useful self-defense methods that will come handy throughout their lives. Learning self-defense is not just about physically defending oneself, but also about mastering the courage to withstand a good deal of problems – from bullying and peer-pressure to abuse and violence.
  • The Summer Workshops can boost so many other skills that are dormant in your child. Studies show how kids, once they learn martial arts, often discover their real talent. Martial arts is proven to boost athletic and sport skills, to enhance creativity and academic talent, and to help kids to be confident performers and defenders. 

With forty years of experience in martial arts, Bruce McCorry’s academy is the most professional and trusted institution providing martial art lessons in Massachusetts. 

What the summer program for children offers is essentially a vibrant hub of activities and learning, where your child will learn through martial arts the many tactics to succeed in life. It might be the one crucial step that will rewrite your child’s future – let your child be a part of the summer Workshops today.

Admissions are open!
Call to reserve your space
Phone: (978) 535-7878

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