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Celebrating 40 Years of Service and Success - Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy, Peabody, Massachusetts

Celebrating 40 Years of Service and Success - Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy, Peabody, Massachusetts 

Martial arts is a field always on the move. Every year, new trends and fads come and go, just as new research and studies add on to the innumerable benefits of martial arts. Not surprisingly, every other day you find new schools and institutions mushrooming, claiming to teach authentic martial arts. In such a field of flux, 40 years of service and success to the credit of a martial art school does speak of professionalism and perfection. This is exactly where Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts - the number one martial art institution in Massachusetts - stands today.

A Journey of Four Decades: The Bruce McCorry’s Success Saga
Bruce McCorry’s Academy is the dream child of Master Bruce McCorry, the internationally acclaimed martial artist from Massachusetts who entered the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2002, and was honored as the Master Instructor in 2003, with numerous other credits to his name. Hooked by martial arts quite early in life, Master Bruce McCorry started learning martial arts at the age of thirteen, and went on to establish his martial art dream, Bruce McCorry’s Academy, in 1978. At a time when martial arts was not the craze of the day as it seems today, Bruce McCorry’s Academy was established as a small project, equipped with the vision of propagating martial art in the locality and imparting the innumerable benefits of martial art to passionate learners.

In the forty years since, the academy found itself winning the hearts of thousands of learners. Through these years, what began as a small martial art institution developed a core team of staff with years of experience in multiple martial arts, like Master McCorry himself. This core team came to be supported by a dedicated and passionate group of young teachers, who were equally well-versed in their respective arts. Soon, the academy started offering lessons in more than ten arts, spread across programs intended for preschoolers, children, teens, adults and seniors.

Staying Ahead of Times: The Bruce McCorry’s Way

A hallmark of Bruce McCorry’s, which made it stand apart among hundreds of competitors was the fact that instructors here kept themselves updated with the latest developments in the field of martial arts - the upcoming research and new techniques – as much as they kept alive the true spirit of traditional martial arts, most of which were centuries old. This unique combo of the old and the new were taught to learners in a manner that privileged their specific needs, goals and wishes. This adaptive nature of the academy further resulted in developing unique programs, such as martial arts for learners with special needs, special wings for the most sought-after programs like Kickboxing, and brilliant combination programs like energy healing – all in addition to classic programs in diverse martial arts.
Walking with the times and catering to the real needs of the learners has endeared the academy to many who associated with Bruce McCorry’s over the years, young and old. This year, celebrating 40 years of this amazing journey, the academy is all set to bring in new and learner-oriented methods and approaches to revitalize the already vibrant martial art culture that thrives in the academy. 

To experience professional martial art that touches perfection, be a 
part of the Bruce McCorry’s journey!

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center
220 Newbury St
Peabody MA 01960

Phone: (978) 535-7878

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