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Fitting In and Learning Self-Esteem: Martial Arts for Kids at Bruce McCorry’s Academy

Fitting In and Learning Self-Esteem: Martial Arts
for Kids at Bruce McCorry’s Academy

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 No parent fails to dream about a successful and happy future for their children, and are willing to do anything to make sure that they do well in school, college and later life. However, while parents do tend to focus on studies and safety of their children, their social life and classroom experience is something which most parents tend to overlook. This significant issue was pointed out by sociologist Robert Crosnoe in his monumental study that came from the University of Texas at Austin in 2011. The study suggested that those kids who find it hard to fit in school have a huge chance of dropping out of college, or not opting for college altogether. Addressing issues regarding social experience, such as fitting in and self-esteem, thus have a great role in ensuring a successful future for your child.

Fitting In and Self-Esteem: How Martial Arts Helps
Martial arts is a life-changing option awaiting you, if you have a kid who finds it difficult to fit in and socialize with his/her classmates or has self-esteem issues. Martial art lessons can help children with their social life in many ways:
  • Training in martial arts helps children to develop an inner sense of their self-worth and capability. Each martial art comes with emotional and spiritual benefits whose roots go back to the traditions, values and methods they inherited over centuries. Familiarizing with a martial art can help children to be alive to their inner worth and uniqueness.
  • Martial arts help kids with confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem. Voicing themselves is not always easy even in democratic classroom settings, when factors like peer-pressure, imbalances of power and bullying are taken into consideration. Martial arts can teach children to confidently deal with such challenges.
  • Learning martial arts also help children to rule out a number of factors from their life that might cause them problems in fitting in. Martial arts can help with obesity, as it will improve fitness and health. The way martial arts impacts memory and thinking skills is a great way to improve academic performance. Martial arts will make children athletic, sporty and spirited. All of these can ease their social experience in classroom.
  • As much as martial arts may help children to fit in, it can also teach kids to be proud of their difference. Children, especially teenagers may find it difficult to deal what they feel as oddities in their life, such as health conditions, body image issues, social factors like ethnicity, sexual preference and so on. Martial arts can help children and teenagers to be proud of their differences and embrace their true selves.

A major issue when it comes to issues of self-worth and fitting in is that children may not always be open about their concerns with parents or peers, something that is particularly true for teenagers. The only way to help them is to enable them to deal with such concerns by themselves, as adult intervention is not always possible or effective. This is where a professional martial art school with adept instructors, like the Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) can help your child. 

Regular martial arts training at the hands of experienced teachers can teach children to be comfortable in their own skin, be confident about themselves, and still fit in comfortably with their classmates and peers. Opt martial arts today for a bright tomorrow.

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