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For a Safer Halloween: Tips and Tricks for Child Safety

For a Safer Halloween: Tips and Tricks for Child Safety

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There is nothing better than a good scare to turn Halloween into real fun. However, when the children decide to have a night detour on their own, things could get scarier than what was originally meant to be. We are referring to nothing other than the real dangers that lurk behind the corners, aiming at young trick-or-treaters, ranging from child fatalities to violence against children. As your child’s safety always comes before fun, these safety tips could be what you want for a safe Halloween this year.

1.    Safe Halloween Costumes: The selection of costumes for children is one early step which you need to be alert about. While choosing costumes and makeup,

o   Pick makeup and cosmetic after testing if your child is allergic to it. Also make sure to cleanse every single spot of makeup before your child goes to sleep.
o   Make sure that your child is comfortable enough in the costume: can he/she easily move around? Can your child breathe and see properly through the costume? Does your kid feel too warm or too cold wearing the costume?
o   Choose costumes that do not have dangerous substances like blades, weapons and sharp objects embedded. Make sure that the costume is not inflammable.
o   Bright costumes are usually easily visible to drivers, and thus reduces the chance of road fatalities.

2.    Safe Trick-or Treating: The second step is to make sure that your child has everything needed for safe trick-or-treating; and to alert him/her about potential dangers:

o   A safe Halloween kit must have route maps, flashlight, first-aid, emergency contacts, and if possible a cell phone.
o   Tell your child to stay close to familiar routes and check in only at familiar houses
o   Make sure that your child sets out with a group of kids, preferably a group with at least two or three older kids.
o   Warn your kids not to accept rides or favors from strangers.
o   Ask kids to meet at a pre-fixed meeting place in case they are stranded. If any child finds himself/herself alone, ask them not to panic and try to contact the emergency numbers.
o   Rode safety is an important aspect of safe trick-or-treating. Familiarize children with basic traffic rules, and tell them to keep to sidewalks, avoid roads with traffic, and cross the road in groups.
o   Tell your kids to not stay late trick-or-treating.

3.    Safe Candy Tips:
o   Since drugged candies are a prevalent way of abducting kids, ask your children to bring home the candies and eat them later.
o   It is better to say no to treats offered by suspicious-looking strangers.
o   Tell kids to save the lifesaver treats for younger children, as incidents of small kids choking on treats are quite high.

4.    Self-Defense Tips: Self-defense is the most important safety measure that will protect your child in situations where they will have to travel alone in late hours. If possible, enroll your kid for programs that will teach them self-defense, courage and confidence, like martial arts. If you feel scared to send your child alone out into the night, check out self-defense martial arts for children at Bruce McCorry’s Academy! It is never too late to learn some self-defense tactics. Stay safe and have fun this Halloween!

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