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Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts: Afterschool Program with a Difference

Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts: Afterschool Program with a Difference

A few seats are still available 
 enroll today to avail them and 

live the magic of martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy!


In just a few years, afterschool programs have won the hearts of parents all over the world, especially working parents. All of a sudden, they became the sought after trend, mainly because they provided a safe space for kids to spend their time in the unsupervised hours after school; and because they enabled kids to engage in productive activities in their free time. What if you can pick for your kid an afterschool program with a difference – one that departs from the norm and can make all the difference? Then you must come to Bruce McCorry’s Academy for Martial Arts.

What Makes Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Martial Art Different

Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Martial Art Program, follows a nationally acclaimed syllabus and brings the innumerable benefits of martial arts into the daily lives of children. There are several factors that make the afterschool program distinct from usual afterschool programs:
  •          It introduces your child to professional martial arts: martial arts is an activity that has numerous physical, mental and spiritual benefits to offer its learners. The Bruce McCorry’s afterschool program is specifically designed to boost health, fitness, energy levels and confidence of the learners. Martial art relieves stress and acts as a useful self-defense. It is thus definitely better than afterschool programs that run common co-curricular activities.
  •          It helps your child’s performance in school: If you choose Bruce McCorry’s afterschool program for your kid, it is sure to enhance his/her memory and academic skills. Kids who are martial art learners tend to get better grades in general. An hour of martial art training in the afternoon can also boost athletic abilities, build self-confidence and help in character formation, each of which will help them in their school life.
  •          It follows a nationally recognized syllabus: Bruce McCorry’s afterschool program is as professional as you can get when it comes to afterschool martial arts. It follows a well-structured syllabus that is nationally recognized; it is taught by professionals whose experience and knowledge in their respective martial arts is solid.
  •          It has a vibrant campus: At the academy, your child get to meet and bond with many kids of their age. The experience of learning martial art at Bruce McCorry’s is a truly social experience that will enhance your kid’s social skills.
  •          It prioritizes safety: For Bruce McCorry’s Academy, the safety and comfort of your child comes ahead of everything else. We offer safe transportation from your child’s day school to the campus of the academy. The martial art sessions take place in danger-proof environments, under the supervision of trained professionals.
  •          It protects them from dangers of the real world: Kids who tend to spend their afterschool hours unprotected might land in uncalled for troubles, ranging from fatalities and accidents to crimes against children. Firstly, an afterschool program provides kids with a safe space to spend these hours. Bruce McCorry’s Program, in particular, teaches self-defense to children and thus enables them to defend themselves in emergencies.

The Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Martial Art program, with its unique blend of martial arts and enjoyable activities is all that your child needs to refresh him/her after school and to make their school years fun. 

A few seats are still available – enroll today to avail them and 
live the magic of martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy!


Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center

220 Newbury St
Peabody MA 01960

Phone: (978) 535-7878

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