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Bruce McCorry's Afterschool Martial Arts for Afterschool Safety

Bruce McCorry's Afterschool Martial Arts for Afterschool Safety

As long as your children are in school, you are sure that they remain safe from the dangers of the world. However, can you be so sure about the hours after school as well? This is a question parents need to ask themselves, because it is noted that around 14 million children who step out of the safety of their school has no place to go, mainly because they have no access to safe afterschool opportunities. It is high time each parent thought whether their own children fall within that 14 million, and whether they can do something to change that.

Unsafe Hours: Afterschool Time and its Dangers
You could be a working parent who cannot supervise kids in the afterschool hours, or you could be a parent who simply assumes that your child will turn up home safely although he/she may take some time to hang out with friends. What you do not realize is how unsafe the afterschool hours can be. This is well-evident from the statistics:
  • Officially, afterschool hours are the time when risky behavior, substance abuse and juvenile crimes occur more likely. National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center noted that if a child has no safe place to go in the afterschool hours, there is a 49% higher chance of using drugs.
  •  Drugs are not the only peril. The hours from 2 to 6 in the afternoon is when crimes against children peak, whereas the hours from 3 to 4 in the afternoon is when most juvenile crimes occur. The link between the loitering hours and crime is evident from the time frame itself.
  • The same study by NYVPRC also suggested that kids who are unsupervised in afterschool hours have a 37% more chance of becoming teen parents.

The solution put forth by NYVPRC is afterschool programs – the safe and structured spaces where kids can regularly go in the afterschool hours and learn new activities and skills. It is important that you think of a good afterschool program for your kid as early as you can.

Afterschool Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
When it comes to afterschool programs and safety, is there anything better than a program that not just protects kids from afterschool dangers, but also teaches them the basics of self-defense, courage and confidence? This is what the incredible Afterschool Martial Art Program (AMP) offered by Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) offers you.

The forty years of heritage in the field of martial arts have helped Bruce McCorry’s Academy to come up with refined and perfect choices for each learner, whether adults or children. Afterschool  Martial Arts for children is a professionally structured program that runs a nationally recognized syllabus. In the program, children get to learn professional martial arts in a totally safe space, under the supervision of adept instructors. The program is designed to help its learners with health, fitness, stress-management, confidence building and growth. It ensures your child’s safety in every way: the academy arranges free transport from your kid’s school to the campus, and provides them a safe space to be in until parents can come and pick them up. 

Compromise nothing for your child’s safety: choose for them the 
Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool  Martial Arts Program for a safe childhood.

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