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Say No to Holiday Weight Gain with Cardio Kickboxing

Say No to Holiday Weight Gain with Cardio Kickboxing

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We tend to expect the holidays to be the healthiest time of the year for us: after all, it is those months of the year when we get to take a break from the stress-filled work routine, meet family and friends, and eat to our hearts’ fill. Unfortunately, studies point out that even though we may be happy and relaxed during holiday months, the same cannot be extended to health. According to many studies, holiday weight gain is not a myth at all – an average American experiences an irreversible weight gain of five to seven pounds during the holiday months of November and December alone.

Holiday Weight Gain: Causes and Consequences
It is not hard to guess why holiday weight gain happens. Irregular diet patterns--in other words, a sudden consumption of high calorie food in a short span during the holiday months, is an important factor. So is a sudden break from your workout routine, if you have been following one.

What makes holiday weight gain so scary is the fact that it is irreversible: you will not find it easy to shed those extra pounds you accumulated during holidays. Particularly, if you have been in a regular diet or fitness routine, your body usually gets accustomed to the low fats and low carbs it regularly gets, and learns to function with what it gets. A sudden intake of carbs and fats in a short span, with no physical action to burn them off, then forces your body to store the extra fat for future, causing irreversible weight gain.

Kickboxing to Fight Holiday Weight Gain
Is there any way to fight the irreversible weight gain during holiday months? Sticking to a diet is not the option, not when you are in for a celebration feast with your family. The other way to check the fats from being stored in your body is to stick to a proper fitness or workout strategy during the holiday months.

This is where a martial art like cardio kickboxing comes to your help. Kickboxing is a popular US martial art that is renowned for its fitness benefits. Kickboxing, especially its powerful variant cardio-kickboxing, is probably the most efficient among martial arts and workouts when it comes to fitness. A regular cardio kickboxing session has a fitness- and training-oriented procedure, staring with a cardio warm up like skipping or jogging, moving on to calisthenic moves in the second phase, regular moves like kicks and punches in the third phase, and a cooling off session at the end. The first helps to boost cardiac health, and the second and third phases help to shed calories at a rapid rate and tone muscles.

Kickboxing Peabody: Cardio Kickboxing Lessons at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
There is no other workout that can burn fats and help you achieve your weight loss goals like cardio kickboxing. Having recognized its potential, Bruce McCorry’s Academy, the longstanding martial art school in Massachusetts has a whole wing dedicated to kickboxing lessons, called Kickboxing Peabody ( . At Bruce McCorry’s, you get to train in cardio kickboxing under trainers with years of experience, and can furnish you with a customized experience, keeping in mind your particular fitness needs. 

This holiday season, do not let the worry of weight gain ruin your happy feast with your family – let kickboxing be your ultimate fitness strategy!

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