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Kung Fu: Facts and Benefits

Kung Fu: Facts and Benefits

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Kung Fu, as you might know, is one of the most popularly practiced martial arts in the world. With its origins going back to the self-defense techniques developed by monks in the ancient Chinese Shaolin Temple, Kung Fu has had an amazing journey, developing millions of practitioners and many variants on the go. Here are some important and interesting facts about Kung Fu, which will surely make you want to try out this great martial art:
  •         It focuses on your inner chi: chi or qi is a Chinese term which means ‘life energy’, that recurs in the philosophies of many Chinese martial arts, most popularly in Tai Chi. What people may not know is that Kung Fu too places great stress on developing one’s inner chi. Even when Kung Fu originated as a self-defense oriented art that helps people in one-on-one combat, in fact Kung Fu manages to do this by teaching you to enrich, nourish and master your inner energy, providing mental, physical and spiritual tranquility to those who learn it.
  •         It has many variants and styles: Kung Fu is a collective term, that refers to many styles and variants together. Some of these are interestingly named after dragon, snake, tiger or crane. What this means to a prospective learner is that Kung Fu offers an amazing choice range and is an extremely adaptable art: you can choose to learn and gain experience in the particular variant that suits your needs.
  •        Kung Fu makes your body agile and flexible: Kung Fu is an art that will make your body move. One interesting benefit of Kung Fu is that its learners develop flexible, agile bodies. It is better to start Kung Fu as a child because as a child, your body will be still agile, which makes the task of Kung Fu easier. Even if you are a late learner, however, you can get an amazingly flexible body through Kung Fu.
  •         It was the favorite are of many celebrity practitioners: Kung Fu is a world-renowned martial art today, partly because it was taken up and popularized by many celebrity practitioners. Bruce Lee’s name is unforgettable when it comes to introducing and popularizing Kung Fu in Hollywood. So are the names of superstars like Jackie Chan and Jet Li. A variant of Kung Fu called Wushu dominates the art of Ray Park as well. All of them became popular for their martial art expertise, and they gave back to the art by taking Kung Fu to all corners of the world.

Bruce McCorry’s Kung Fu Lessons
If you are hooked by the Kung Fu facts and are ready to try out Kung Fu, the place you must check out is Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts (Peabody, MA). Bruce McCorry’s runs quality martial arts programs, open to men and women, kids, teenagers, adults and seniors. Even Master Bruce McCorry, the visionary behind the academy, is himself an expert in Kung Fu who has had the honor to perform at nowhere other than Shaolin Temple, the prestigious birthplace of modern Kung Fu.

Both children and adults can be the part of the well-acclaimed Kung Fu program in the academy led by instructors who have mastered different variants of the art. Enroll today and bring the goodness of Kung Fu into your life!

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