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What is New this New Year? Resolutions and Martial Arts

What is New this New Year? Resolutions and Martial Arts

A new year will never be really a New Year until you have drawn up that intimidating list of resolutions, which will nevertheless keep your spirits up for a while. With 2018 all set to bid goodbye, it is time to think of what matters to you and draw that list; and more importantly, not let it just be a matter of a while this time. Here is a glance at the top 5 New Year resolutions that we are crazy about this year, to motivate you to get it right this time.

America’s Top 5 2019 New Year Resolutions
According to one of the surveys published by mid-December (by, the top 5 New Year Resolutions of 2019 are:
  1.  Fitness: With 38% of aspirants, fitness and weight loss continues to be the top resolution for 2019, as it was in the previous year.
  2. Saving Money: With about 37% aspirants, the wish to save money almost made it to the number-one resolution, falling slightly short of the fitness goal.
  3. Travel: With more people deciding to spend some time on nourishing their wanderlust, travel made it to the third top resolution with 24% picking it for a goal.
  4. Job/Hobby: For 12% of participants, changing their jobs or finding a perfect hobby is the top resolution this year.
  5.  Friendship: For 11% of participants, making new friends is the thing to do this year, surprisingly pushing the goal of finding love to the 6th position.

Turning Resolutions into Goals: The Martial Art Method
The difference between a resolution and a goal is that, while the former is just the manifestation of a dream, the latter involves a method and plan to actually realize that dream. If you never keep your resolutions, probably the reason is that you never really know the right method. Fortunately for you, there is one master method that will help you to turn all your resolutions into actable goals, and help you keep them: that is martial arts.

If that answer surprises you, probably you are not familiar with the experience of learners who tried out the martial art method in their life. To give some instances based on the above goals,
  •          Martial arts can bring consistency to fitness resolution, by making sure that you get the perfectly right physical activity at regular intervals.
  •          It will help you develop certain personality qualities such as discipline, control, and alertness—all of which will help you to have better control over your financial life.
  •          Adventurous resolutions such as travelling or changing your job require from you a becalmed temperament, confidence, courage, and the necessary determination to take care of yourself in the face of challenges. Martial arts can teach you all that.
  •          Martial arts also improves your people skills and makes you sensitive to those around you, which are good assets if you are resolved to make new friends.

 You can learn a lot about the martial art methods at a martial art school near you. The lessons at Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) for instance, will teach you the master art of making goals come true: how to prioritize something, how to stay committed to the goal, how to overcome challenges and resist temptations in the path, for instance. Make martial arts your buddy in your resolution journey this New Year!


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