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Special Needs Martial Art Programs at Bruce McCorry's

Special Needs Martial Art Programs at Bruce McCorry's

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Often our discussion of children with special needs is limited to the commonly known and followed methods of improving the quality of their lives. For instance, the established programs and institutions for differently abled children focus on learning aids, unconventional teaching and learning environments, counseling and special schooling, among others. However, research and studies have uncovered new, out-of-the-box approaches to enhancing the quality of life experienced by children with special needs. In the contemporary discussions of children with special needs, it is therefore impossible to not consider the benefits of martial arts.

Making Lives Better: Martial Arts and Special Needs
It is often thought that martial arts is not something that can be easily taken up by children with special needs. To a large extent, this is a misconception. It is true that traditional martial arts will have to be adapted in several ways to meet the convenience of children who are specially abled. However, if a course on martial arts is constructed with enough thought, research and expertise, it can be easily taken up by kids with special needs, and will bring immense benefits to their lives and experience of the world.

The Special Needs program for differently abled children at Bruce McCorry’s Academy, Peabody, MA is such a uniquely conceived course comprising of martial arts and personality development, which has been put together through the thoughtful effort and research-based expertise of adept martial art instructors. As the examples and testimonies of many former learners indicate, the program is immensely beneficial to kids with special needs:
  •      Health and Fitness: In the case of children with physical and other conditions of special need, the simple, activity-oriented martial art will help to improve their health and fitness in general. For physically challenged children, exposing themselves to safe and adapted forms of martial arts in a supervised environment can improve their condition a lot.
  •     Confidence: Lack of confidence, inhibitions and gestures of shyness are a problem common to physically challenged kids, children who fall in the autistic spectrum, and many others with similar conditions. The program was found to be greatly helpful in instilling confidence in such children.
  •         Cooperation and Companionship: It is often not easy for children with special needs to mingle with other children, make friends and companions, and feel at ease in a group. The Special Needs program takes special care to create a child-friendly space for such kids, free of any kind of negative experiences, so that children will gradually improve in being at ease in unfamiliar groups of people to a certain extent.
  •      Social Skills: Many kids with special needs suffer greatly with social skills, such as making eye contact, conversing freely with others, expressing emotions and speaking fluently. Activities and martial art training that is part of the Special Needs program has helped learners to improve in these aspects in many ways.

The Special Needs program offered at Bruce McCorry’s Academy is the example of a well-thought out and well-structured course for children with special needs, which has also been the reason behind its success. 

Trying out such a special needs program could exactly be the miraculous breakthrough that will change your child’s life forever. For a martial art program where your child will totally feel at home, come to Bruce McCorry’s.

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