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Tai Chi: The Bruce McCorry’s Method

Tai Chi: The Bruce McCorry’s Method

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The martial art of Tai Chi witnessed a boom in the last few decades, when the miraculous advantages of this centuries-old art was discovered through scientific enquiries, and soon it ascended to the position of a much-loved modern martial art. Today, for anyone who wishes to start training in Tai Chi, there are hundreds of institutions to choose from. The abundance of possible learning choices only makes it all the more difficult to choose the right place. This article familiarizes you with the unique Tai Chi lessons at Bruce McCorry’s academy, the long-standing and renowned martial art school in Peabody, MA.

Tai Chi: The Bruce McCorry’s Method
The key to activate the full potential of any martial art is to imbibe equally the age-old values and structures that form the core of any martial arts, and couple it with the advanced research findings which make these arts contemporarily relevant. Tai Chi lessons at Bruce McCorry’s is the right blend of this principle, which makes it a highly beneficial program:
  •          According to beliefs, Tai Chi functions on a highly developed philosophy of life that seeks to actualize the life energy or ‘chi’ that is the essence of human potential and well-being. Tai Chi programs at Bruce McCorry’s are largely structured on the principles and moves in this traditional Tai Chi system, which focus on actualizing human potential.
  •          For decades, the link between Tai Chi and abdominal fitness was casually acknowledged. Recent research explicated this by noting that Tai Chi training directly impacts the core muscles (muscles beneath the superficial ab muscles). Given their role in regularizing movement and balance, Tai Chi training began to be considered a substitute for core strength training that is common in fitness regimes. The Bruce McCorry’s method has adapted these core strength building moves into the Tai Chi program.
  •          Traditional take on Tai Chi considered it a system for holistic well-being. Modern studies further explained this by noting the amazing therapeutic nature of Tai Chi which made it relevant to modern medicine. Tai Chi was found to help patients with neurological conditions like Parkinson’s Disease, certain muscular conditions, as well as bone-related issues such as osteoporosis and arthritis. Bruce McCorry’s program has therefore adapted Tai Chi to cater to the advantage of learners suffering from such conditions.
  •          Tai Chi’s role in building strength of will has been traditionally acknowledged, which helped it to be developed as a potential healing method that can accompany the treatment of people with chronic diseases. Intriguing studies have pointed out that Tai Chi can also alter the cellular functioning of cancer patients, thus opening up new hope in cancer research. At Bruce McCorry’s, learners with conditions of chronic illness can learn Tai Chi, coupling it with consultancy in energy healing if they prefer.

Thus, the Bruce McCorry’s method in learning Tai Chi is not mere martial art training. It brings together traditional wisdom and modern clinical research. It allows learners to couple Tai Chi training with consultancy programs like energy healing under expert instructors. The best experience of health-building, therapeutic training, core strength training, fitness and abs building are now available as private sessions to meet your particular needs and goals in a personalized manner. 

Choose the unique Bruce McCorry’s method to experience the best of Tai Chi training that is available out there!

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