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Amazing Kids Programs at Bruce McCorry’s

Celebrate School Vacation with Martial Arts:
Amazing Kids Programs at Bruce McCorry’s

 Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

220 Newbury St

Peabody MA 01960

Phone: (978) 535-7878

The holidays are that time of the year when parents are both excited and worried for the sake of their kids. Many of us would love our children to have an enjoyable and fun time during their holidays. However, the it is important that they remain safe and spend their holiday months in productive ways. Getting these many things right is often difficult, particularly if you are a working parent, or if you would love to set apart some time for yourself. This is exactly why you need martial arts: the one holiday prospect for your child that could turn out enjoyable, useful, beneficial and safe at the same time.

Amazing Kids Martial Arts Programs at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
The many children’s martial art programs offered by the Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts (Peabody, MA) could actually be the one thing that can make a considerable impact on your child’s life this holidays. Academy’s programs for children are spread across three divisions:
  1.     The Preschooler Program: For those little ones between 3 and 6 years of age who are ready to start school soon, the Little Ninjas Program in martial arts could be the big preschool prospect. The program introduces the basics of martial arts to them in a simple way they can easily master without feeling tired. The program blends this with many fun activities, games and sessions. The focus of the program is the overall growth of kids in these formative ages: physical development, motor skills, coordination skills, communication and much more.
  2.      The Junior Programs: The several junior programs intended for children between 6 and 12 years of age offered by Bruce McCorry’s Academy are some of the most thorough foundational courses they can possibly come across. During the holidays, the Summer Martial Arts Program packs a punch for young martial arts learners, offering them health, fitness, confidence, refreshment and defensive skills all wrapped in a relishable package of games, sessions and fun sessions. It is an efficient and safe way for your kid to spend his/her hours during the holidays, especially if they have to be left unsupervised otherwise. Although the holidays are the perfect time to enroll for the program, if you would also like your child to engage with martial arts in a sustained manner over the year, you can choose protracted programs like the Afterschool Martial Arts Program (AMP), which is equally brilliant and beneficial for young martial arts learners.
  3.      Programs for Teens: Given that young teenagers in their early years too will have some considerable time that can be dedicated for productive activities in the holidays, martial arts is a great option for them. In Bruce McCorry’s Academy, teens (those of 13 and above years) can be a part of the adults’ martial art program, which brings to you a wide range of choices. Martial arts programs at Bruce McCorry’s is a great way to channelize the turbulence and emotional outburst that comes along with teenage into positive outlets, helping them to gain purpose and meaning in lives.

Holidays are the perfect time to sign up for martial arts because it is one great way for your kids to spend their free days in an efficient and fun manner, and return to school re-energized. Say yes to martial arts this vacation and celebrate the holidays with the magic of martial arts!

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