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Tai Chi and Energy Healing at Bruce McCorry’s Academy

Tai Chi and Energy Healing at Bruce McCorry’s Academy

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The martial art popularly known as Tai Chi is one of the many variants of an internationally loved art, Qi Gong. It is one of those martial arts that can boast of a rich inheritance, as its core philosophies have been inspired by multiple Chinese spiritual traditions including Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. However, this varied heritage is not just what makes Tai Chi a globally loved art. Instead, what makes Tai Chi win hearts is also the incredibly beneficial healing powers which the art possesses—powers which make it possible to call Tai Chi the quintessential martial art for modern age.

The Healing Martial Art: Tai Chi for the 21st Century
For a while now, academic and scientific research in Tai Chi has opened up its amazing clinical and health benefits, which has risen it to the position of an ultimate art that can heal. Interestingly these research endeavors reveal how an ancient art works wonders in solving the clinical dilemmas of the 21st century.
  • Initial research in Tai Chi had shown how the art has the ability to help bone-related conditions like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, lack of bone density and more. Health conditions related to the bone can be a result of genetic mutations, unhealthy and skewed diet, as well as particular conditions like menopause. Tai Chi training was shown to address these multiple concerns.
  • A second set of research discovered that Tai Chi was incredible in helping neurological conditions. Many muscle-related conditions which issue from neurological causes like Parkinson’s disease have the potential to hamper an affected person’s everyday life. Tai Chi was found to improve the quality of life in such patients.
  • Perhaps the most amazing clinical benefits of Tai Chi to date have to do with cancer research. In today’s world, cancer is infamous to be that cureless malady that is lethal in a large share of reported instances. While several martial arts including Tai Chi was found to help to dealt with fatigue, physical weakness, depression, stress and anxiety, Tai Chi is one step ahead of other martial arts when it comes to aiding cancer patients. Exciting new research has shown that Tai Chi training can bring about changes in the cellular structure of cancer patients, thus opening up new hopes in cancer studies.

Tai Chi and Energy Healing: The Cure Combo
Tai Chi is both an art of the body and the mind. The medicinal benefits of Tai Chi are therefore holistic and not just limited to one’s body. This is why pairing Tai Chi with additional and alternate energy healing programs like yoga, mind healing, breathing exercises and meditation can often lead to miraculous changes for those suffering from many health conditions in life.

To tap this brilliant potential that comes out of the combination of two of the most health-oriented programs of Tai Chi and energy healing, you should come to Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA). Bruce McCorry’s martial art lessons are meant for the overall well-being of the learners. The academy offers a useful consultancy session in energy healing which can work wonders on your health if you take it alongside Tai Chi. Let martial art work miracles on your body and mind by choosing Bruce McCorry’s!

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