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Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Martial Arts The Perfect Problem Solver for Your Kids.

Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Martial Arts  

The Perfect Problem Solver for Your Kids.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center
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Afterschool hours are probably what scares the parents most, when they think of the prospect of another school year. This panic is not without reason. As studies have shown time and again, afterschool hours, between three to six pm in the evening, have been shown to report the most number of child casualties. More than ever, it is time we thought about safer options for kids who cannot be supervised by adults in the afterschool hours. And a perfect solution to this dilemma is offered by the Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Programs.

The Afterschool Problem and Ways to Combat It
A fair share of the families today do have working parents, single parents or parents who cannot be there to look after their kids in the afterschool hours due to several reasons. Often the danger of this situation gets overlooked. However, the stats show that:
  • Kids who are left unsupervised or left in the care of siblings in the afterschool hours have a greater chance of meeting with accidents from fire, electricity and water.
  • With older kids, there is the chance that they loiter the streets instead of returning home in the afterschool hours, if there is no one to check on them.
  • Afterschool hours have reported the peaking of crimes against children, assaults and crimes committed by kids. The hours are also infamous for the increasing number of reports on risky behavior from the part of kids and teens, including substance abuse.

The Bruce McCorrys Afterschool Program
With these dangers lurking in the corner, it is always better to think of a safe option for your child’s care in the afterschool hours. However, what if this safety also comes with a lot of additional benefits? This is the one thing that makes Bruce McCorry’s Afterschool Martial Arts Program stand apart from the other care options you can choose for your kids:

  • The Bruce McCorry’s Program,  offers a holistic martial arts course for the kids to learn and enjoy in the afterschool hours. The program will make children healthier, will give them the necessary physical activity, and will help them declutter their brain at the end of the hectic school day.
  • It offers a safe space for kids to spend their afterschool hours. The course prioritize safety and comfort of the learners, by providing cost-effective transport from your child’s school to the campus, and by providing safe, supervised spaces to learn martial arts in.
  • The program is a perfect companion to school work, as it will improve the children’s academic skills by making them sharper, critical, quick and analytical.
  • The Program follows a nationally recognized syllabus that introduces kids to structured martial arts although in a fun, enjoyable way. Your child will thus learn a beneficial and highly useful art in the hours he/she would otherwise waste away.
  • Finally, the program teaches kids stress-relief and self-confidence. It also acts as a brilliant self-defense that ensures their safety throughout their life.

What the Bruce McCorry’s Afterchool Program offers to children is thus much more than what a regular afterschool care will offer. With these many benefits awaiting your child, there is no more time to lose—make this school year different, with Bruce McCorry’s martial arts.

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Center
220 Newbury St
Peabody MA 01960

 (978) 535-7878

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