Friday, October 11, 2019

Train in Tai Chi with the Best - Bruce McCorry's Tai Chi Lessons

                  Train in Tai Chi with the Best - Bruce McCorry's Tai Chi Lessons

Tai Chi Chuan, or the Supreme Boxing in Chinese, is a martial art that has a heritage of centuries to boast of. Often known as meditation in motion, Tai Chi is one of the most brilliant achievements of ancient Chinese culture that is known to work wonders to human body and mind. The recent discoveries in Tai Chi research has also brought to light its amazing health benefits, which is heralded as a health turn in Tai Chi research, attracting millions of learners to the art. Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA), a four-decade-old veteran martial art school, is one of the finest places to learn Tai Chi as the school opens the avenues of traditional Tai Chi wisdom and the modern discoveries to learners.

The Bruce McCorry’s Method in Tai Chi Lessons

The uniqueness of Tai Chi training at Bruce McCorry’s Academy is that it is one of the rare institutions to tap into both the traditional Tai Chi methods, and the insight provided by contemporary clinical research into Tai Chi. This makes it possible for Tai Chi lessons at Bruce McCorry’s to address the following:

·         Traditional Benefits: A subtle art that blends casual moves with rich philosophies, Tai Chi is known for its conventional health and fitness benefits, for being a good stress-relief mechanism and for being a powerful self-defense. Bruce McCorry’s will help you reach these goals easily, but in unique ways that blends these with modern research insights.

·         The Chi or Life Energy: Traditional Tai Chi focuses more than anything else on the principle of releasing and unifying the life energy (chi) which is considered as the key to human well-being. Bruce McCorry’s training fulfils these traditional promises of Tai Chi by teaching learners to actualize their life energy through martial art training.

·         Core Strength Building: While conventional Tai Chi wisdom considered it as a good fitness mantra, modern research has shown how specifically Tai Chi works wonders when it comes to core strength training, or strengthening of the core abdominal muscles that lie beneath the surface ab muscles. Bruce McCorry’s can teach you to use Tai Chi as a substitute for core strength training and strike your health and fitness goal.

·         The Therapeutic Side: 21st century research into Tai Chi revealed how what was once merely articulated in traditional narratives on Tai Chi as a holistic well-being scheme has actually specific therapeutic effects on a number of crucial health conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, muscular conditions, as well as neurological ailments like Parkinson’s Disease. Bruce McCorry’s Tai Chi program has special focus on those training methods that will amplify these effects.

·         Chronic Diseases and Alternate Healing: Tai Chi is also being hailed as an alternate healing method that can help people with chronic diseases, including cancer survivors. Research breakthrough has shown how Tai Chi can bring in structural difference to cancer cells (University of Calgary). Bruce McCorry’s method has strived over the past years to develop Tai Chi as a support system for survivors of chronic conditions.

In Bruce McCorry’s, you can get every benefit that traditional Tai Chi lessons can give you, and more. Often coupled with special consultancy sessions like energy healing programs, Bruce McCorry’s Tai Chi lessons are one-of-a-kind experience under qualified professionals. Make your choice today.

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