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After School and Summer Martial Arts Programs

After School and Summer Workshops 
at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

With only limited spots available for the summer program, now is the time to enroll....

If you are a parent in lookout of a fun and useful co-curricular course for your kids, Bruce McCorry’s martial arts is what you are looking for. Improved health, immunity and enhanced mental capacity are only some of the benefits of learning children’s martial arts. In Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA), children’s martial arts are offered in two unique and specially designed programs: The Summer Workshop and the After School Martial Arts Program.

The Summer Workshop in Martial Arts: Highlights and Benefits

Bruce McCorry’s Summer Workshop is a uniquely designed character development program with its emphasis on martial arts. The core of this program is the useful martial arts lessons which can make your child healthy, fit, confident and happy. The martial arts lessons will teach your child the basics of self-defense. The course is also specially designed to aid your kids’ study skills such as memory, reasoning, analytic ability and critical thinking.

The uniqueness of Summer Program is that it is not just about martial arts – it is a total character building course. Apart from martial arts, it involves field trips, arts and crafts workshops, game sessions and sessions on personality development. It is a course that can instill a positive spirit in your child and make him/her a champion. The course shall be conducted in the summer season each year.

After School Martial Arts Program: Highlights and Benefits
After School Martial Arts Program (AMP) is a course that has national recognition all over the US with a standard syllabus. Bruce McCorry’s Academy was in forefront in introducing the course to Massachusetts. AMP at Bruce McCorry’s is an engaging and focused martial arts program which is intended for school-going children. 

Though AMP has a nationally standardized pattern and form of instruction, Bruce McCorry’s AMP is still unique because of the student-friendly approach of the instructors. On one hand, AMP gives a child all the advantages that can be gained through learning martial arts. Secondly, AMP is also a safe resort for your child to spend his/her after school hours on weekdays. If you are a working parent, and your child spends his/her after school hours in dull after school care programs, it is time to think different!

Join Now and Feel the Difference!
Bruce McCorry’s has remained the leading martial arts institute in Massachusetts since its commencement in 1978. When you choose Bruce McCorry’s for your child, you are being part of a four-decade long legacy that has produced some of the best martial artists of the state. The children’s programs offered by the academy can be a stepping stone to this new world of martial arts – an all time hobby or even a future career option for your child.

Both the after School and Summer Workshops are also great ways to make sure that your child spends his/her free time in a constructive and fun way. With only limited spots available for the summer program, now is the time to enroll. You can also pick the after school course depending upon the need and comfort of your child. What awaits your child at Bruce McCorry's is quality martial arts instruction with a lot of fun, enjoyment and happiness. Enroll today and know the difference! 
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