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Summertime Madness and Martial Arts

Summertime Madness and Martial Arts 
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Summer is the time when the world lapses into a mood of leisure and parents are the only ones who can’t enjoy the stress-free mood of summer. Running around your kids, keeping up with them and managing the busy hours of the day with them at your heels can be really tiring for parents. Along with that, you have your own worries of maintaining health and fitness. After all, it is the beach time, and you need to flaunt your fit body! With all this summer madness around the corner, what any family needs is the ideal summer solution – martial arts.

Summer Time Martial Arts for Children – Why They Need It
Summer martial arts courses introduce your child into a new world which is both fun and useful. 
How do kids benefit from summer martial arts?

* After months of regular physical activities in school in gym and playtime, holidays bring about a sudden reversion to video games and television. Martial arts compensate for this lack of physical activity during holiday months.

* Martial arts keep children healthy and fit

* It sharpens their brain and refreshes it before the school begins

* It aids their study skills and prepares them for the coming academic year

* It makes them confident and develops a positive attitude in them, which is very useful in dealing with classroom worries like study stress, peer pressure and bullying

* Martial arts is a useful and fun pastime during summer months. While your kids enjoy at their martial art session, you can be sure that they use their summer months productively.
Summer Time Martial Arts for Adults and Parents

Summer months are the ideal time for you also to join martial arts lessons. Many schools now offer family lessons in martial arts where you can join along with your kids. 
What makes summer time so apt for martial arts?

* The leisurely mood of summer often makes you loosen your grip on your regular diet and workout. Summer martial arts will be a perfect alternative.

* It can keep you healthy and immune to many illnesses that the season usually brings in

* It can also give you a fit and perfectly toned body that you can be confident about in parties and beach holidays.

* Martial arts refresh your body and mind, reduce stress and instill a positive energy in you. This will make your holiday special, by healing the work stress that usually accumulates through the year.

Summer Time Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy (Peabody, MA) is your summer destination for quality martial arts. Here you can join with your family and spend quality time with your kids, be a part of their summer mood. Our academy has a special summer program for children, which is equipped with all the fun activities that a summer program can think of – right from field trips and workshops to quality martial art sessions. Adults can have customized martial arts lessons with their individual needs in mind.You can realize your aim of health, fitness, self-defense or confidence-building through Bruce McCorry’s Academy. This is also the place to make friends and socialize. Admissions are open – hurry now!

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