Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Martial Arts as a Solution to Bullying

Bullying, Cyber Bullying - How Martial Arts can Help
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Bullying reports are becoming quite common today.
The rampant nature of this vice is making it easier to detect. However, even when detected, many parents and authorities feel helpless when it comes to finding a solution. Some forms of bullying aren't illegal. This usually leaves the victim vulnerable to the bully. The Department of Health and Human Services released a report on 2014 bullying statistics which revealed the following. Bullying is at its peak in middle school where it's used to advance the bully's social standing. Close to 1900 children were interviewed and they believed the coolest kid in the school was the bully. 83% of girls and 79% of boys admit to have been bullied. 30% of teens admit to have bullied someone. Interestingly, only about 20% of bullied children report to authorities or guardians.
Psychologists believe that bullies choose their victims on the basis of being odd. Majority of the victims are considered different by their peers making them the perfect target for bullies. Common targets include individuals within the gay, lesbian and transgender groups, those who are perceived as physically weak and, overweight people.

Cyber Bullying
This is one of the ills that's been linked to technological advancement. Some of the statistics on this behavior include the following.

About 52% of teenagers have been victims of cyber bullying. The cell phone and social media are the most commonly used media used by cyber billies.

Over 95% of teens who witness bullying on social media ignore the habit just like most of their peers.

Only about 17% of parents know about cyber bullying and its effects on teens and adolescents.

Cases of suicides linked to cyber bullying have been reported.

Martial Arts as a Solution to Bullying
The statistics surrounding bullying are both disheartening and shocking. This behavior threatens to get out of hand and authorities might be forced to take tougher measures to keep it under control. As a parent, you can do something to protect your child from this anti-social behavior. Martial arts is a great preventive and remedial solution for bullying. It will help in the following ways.

Martial arts is designed to help students to learn self defense.

Most bullying situations will involve some form of violence or threats to cause physical harm.
The child exposed to bullying will be able to defend himself and others from a violent bully.
Children who learn martial arts are more confident about their abilities and themselves.
It's often said that bullying victims find themselves in such situations because they don't have the confidence to handle the bully. They simply let the bully have his way.

Martial arts teaches individuals to learn to appreciate themselves and their unique abilities. As such, they won't let themselves get bullied because they seem "different".

Bullies can learn how to channel their energy to positive activities such as training. 

The bully is characterized by negative energy they want to release by harassing their victims. 

Martial arts teaches them that they can channel their energy in a positive manner. In addition, it teaches them to respect others regardless of their status in society.

Bullying is a reality that has become more complex and rampant thanks to technology. The best way to stop it is by using positive preventive and remedial measures such as martial arts. Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts academy offers a variety of martial arts programs for children and adults. Train with us and learn an effective way to stop bullying.

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