Thursday, May 26, 2016

Preschool Martial Arts Peabody

Bruce McCorry's Little Ninjas Martial Arts Program

For a long time in human history, martial arts was considered an adult affair. May be because of its origins in ancient spiritual traditions and warrior cultures, it was mostly thought of as a serious activity of adults. This might sound appalling to a modern observer of martial arts, whose exposure to Hollywood and martial art schools have created the impression that martial arts is a genuine child's affair. 

This huge transformation in perspective came about in the beginning of the 20th century. It was during these decades that martial arts became globally popular, and much research went into it. The scientists unearthed unrevealed facets of martial arts – its amazing potential in the fields of health, fitness, confidence-building, character formation and self-defense. Once it was realized that children need these as much as adults, children's martial art emerged.

One Step Further: Preschool Martial Arts
The preschooler age from 3 to 6 was by then highlighted by experts as the age in which the foundations of a child's future was laid. It was discovered that martial arts could help with the formation of physique and character in a preschooler. It was only some martial arts institutions which kept themselves updated with the latest developments in the scenario that took into preschooler martial arts. Bruce McCorry's Academy (Peabody MA) was a major name among them.

Preschool Martial Arts: The Brilliance of Little Ninjas Program
When Bruce McCorry's Academy started the Little Ninjas Program aimed at extending martial arts to all young preschoolers, it was a novel step to take. But this unique intervention was later proven to be most beneficial for kids in the preschooler phase:

  • This is the phase of brain development and the consolidation of memory. Little Ninjas program was shown to help brain development to its full potential.
  • As motor and co-ordination skills develop in this phase, martial art learning preschoolers at the program were found to master physical coordination much faster.
  • First language acquisition and the beginning of social interaction happen in the preschooler age. In a socially potent scenario of a friendly school like Bruce McCorry's, these skills developed quickly.
  • Character formation happens during this phase. At the Little Ninjas, young preschoolers interacted with their friends and instructors, and learned values of respect, confidence and co-operation from martial arts. This was shown to have a life-long impact on their character.
  • Finally, in a phase where children are in the cusp of physical growth, martial arts at Little Ninjas helped the children with bone development, immunity and resistance. These young martial art learners were proven to be healthier, immune and fit compared to the children of their age.

With the realization that the Little Ninjas program has virtually reshaped the lives of children for years, Bruce McCorry's Academy decided to constitute preschooler program to a new wing, equipped with a structured scheme, safer and friendlier atmosphere and more facilities. Today, the Little Ninjas program has become one of the most loved preschooler courses in Massachusetts. It continues to inspire parents and children, and young enthusiastic little champs flock to be a part of the program every new session. Now it is your chance to obtain the benefits of preschooler martial arts to your child. Choose the best for your child at the right age!  Call today! 978-535-7878 Enrollment is open.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Laziness in Children and the Dangers that Follow

Laziness in Children and How to Get them Motivated
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

We live in a world where everything is much quickly and easily accessible without much effort. Our children get their knowledge from the internet at the click of a finger, and their entertainment from video games instead of outdoor playtime. The grandest revolution in technology has made our kids much lazier than what we were in our childhoods. Its worst impact has already started affecting our kids and are going to impact their future as well, if not properly looked into.

Of Laziness in Children and the Dangers that Follow
There was a time when laziness or lack of motivation was considered purely a psychological issue and we used to highlight the psychological consequences of the same. This facet of laziness is not to be neglected at all. It is often noted in experiments that children who lack motivation perform poorly in their academics, develop low self-esteem, and are more likely to fall prey to eating disorders and depression.

However, recent studies have shown how laziness is intricately linked to one’s body and have more physical consequences than it was thought to have. Today’s research links lack of motivation with a wide array of physical problems including obesity, the risk of diabetes in future and greater chances of sleep apnea, asthma and joint ache. Neither the psychological nor the physical aspect of laziness is to be dismissed as trivial.

Fighting Laziness through Martial Arts: The Key to Motivation
There are a whole lot of cures in the market that claim to ward of laziness, ranging from health drinks and tonics to art of living sessions. While the benefits of most of these antidotes are merely in words, martial art is one solution that can actually help.

A few hours of martial arts can transform a child in more than one ways:
  • Martial arts lessons include meditative modes that fill children with motivation and courage
  • It follows a model of setting goals and fulfilling challenges. This helps children to set goals and strive for them in daily life.
  • It gives them the confidence to face a crowd and defend themselves. Learners of martial arts grow up as assertive individuals who value their opinions and respect that of others.
  • Martial arts are also the answer for the lack of physical activity in kids. Martial art learners are less likely to develop obesity, lifestyle diseases or childhood immunity issues
  • Martial art makes children sharper and improves their academic performance. This sets in a chain of positive reinforcements where kids finally do well in studies for its own sake
  • Martial arts also help kids to deal with stress. This removes one significant factor that prevents kids from being motivated in life.
  • In every way, martial art is the key to true motivation and success.

Martial Arts for Motivation at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Bruce McCorry’s Academy can be counted among those few martial art schools that place equal focus on a learner’s physical, mental and emotional development. The testimonies of hundreds of our former students show how motivation gained through martial arts has helped them to scale new heights. Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s is your child’s first step toward getting rid of laziness and start using his/her time well. Let your children utilize the most energetic years in their lives in the right way through right motivation.  

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cyber Bullying - Martial Arts is the Answer

Cyber Bullying - Martial Arts is the Answer
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Cyber bullying is a term that is in our legal lexicon for the past decade. In simple terms it refers to any bullying that might take place with the help of technology. It cannot be dismissed as a minor issue, because today’s children live in a world that is as much virtual as it is real. From a very young age, kids have access to technology including cell phones, computers and internet, whether through their parents or in their schools. This has led to a situation where classroom concerns like bullying are no more limited to the four walls of the classroom.

The Larger Danger that is Cyber bullying
Whenever a child is hurt mentally or emotionally by their classmates or seniors in a virtual platform, that counts as cyber bullying. The rumors, scandals, hate speech and embarrassing pictures that are spread through messages, emails or social media comes under this category. It is a greater danger than classroom bullying. Its reach is farther than the few students in a classroom. There is a permanency and retrievability to these messages and pictures that might cause a larger emotional damage to its victims.

Victim or Bully: Who Needs Help?
It is a usual tendency among parents, teachers and students to condemn the bully alone and take the side of the victims. Victims of cyber bullying definitely need help, support, love and encouragement since their own diffidence, lack of courage and lack of self-confidence may have a chance in inviting bullying. However it is equally important to provide bullies with the same, because usually bullies victimize others not due to an innate cruelty, but because of other reasons such as dysfunctional family background, personal insecurity or behavioral problems.

Martial Arts to Resist Cyber Bullying: For the Victim and the Bully
In a land where 33% children are being bullied, but only 7% of parents are even aware of it, our children need a lot of support and help to resist bullying. Martial arts are a perfect source of support, help and encouragement that will help both the victim and the bully.

It instills confidence, self-worth and physical strength in learners. These are exactly what bullied children need, because one courageous denial would put an end to bullying in many instances. Movies like Karate Kid are not fiction, because children will learn through martial arts how to stand up for themselves and their peers.

The same could be said for children who bully others. They will learn values of companionship, respect, friendship and courtesy through bullying. Once they are no more insecure of their own abilities, they won’t feel the need to demonstrate superiority by dominating other children.

Good martial art schools, like Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody MA) are also spaces where children will interact with friends and instructors who can point out their personal insecurities and problems and help with these. It is important to choose a place with an experienced instructor pool, a friendly peer group and an encouraging atmosphere like Bruce McCorry’s if you want to learn martial arts to resist bullying. Once children realize the damage of their own actions, cyberspace itself could be used as a positive sphere to apologize, recover and make new friends. To see our children living without the fear of cyber bullying, let us turn to martial arts.  Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Kids Sports and Martial Arts

Martial Arts for Kids: Your Key to Summer and Winter Sports

written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

A significant study by the Aspen Institute recently pointed out that in the last five years, there is a fall of 2.6 million in the number of youngsters who participate in sports. This is an unfortunate account, because both summer and winter sports were so much a part of our youth, even a decade before. The same study tells how physically active youngsters could do better in every facet of life, ranging from fighting obesity and ill health to being intelligent and being more productive at work. 

On the other end of this spectrum are those children and teenagers who are intensely passionate toward sports, though their number seems to be declining. It is the need of all health-conscious parents and a health-conscious nation to kindle a passion for sports among our children. It is time to ask how we can do this.

Sports and Youngsters: Do We Need a Booster?

There are three reasons to why youngsters may not be motivated to take up sports like before. One, the young generation has multiple avenues of entertainment, which may make them insensitive to physical activity. Secondly, today's school is a much hectic world, leaving our children physically and mentally exhausted. Thirdly, even passionate sports watchers may not sometimes take up sports if they doubt their strength or ability. This brings us to ask if our kids need a booster to motivate them to take up sports and help them to excel in it. The key to this lies in martial arts.

Martial Arts for Kids: The Key for Summer and Winter Sports
Martial arts are your child's all time sports companion, whether his/her interests lie in summer sports or winter sports. It awakens them to the significance of physical activity and helps them to be champions in the sports they take up.

The most popular summer sports like baseball, soccer and basketball are extremely demanding, both physically and mentally. Martial arts can help your child to gain the physical strength and mental co-ordination necessary for these. Martial arts can also supply your child with inexhaustible energy levels, which is a genuine help if he/she likes summer sports.

Winter sports like hockey and skiing are not as tiring as their summer counterparts, but what makes them challenging is that they demand a lot of courage and confidence from the participant. This is precisely something that martial arts can instill in children. They teach kids to be brave enough to take up challenges and fulfill them.

Passionate sportspersons have always found a companion in martial arts, because it trains them to be tireless, team-spirited and calculative. Martial art is the way to unlock the athletic side of your child, where he/she can relate with the joy of physical activity and find motivation to pursue sports.

Bruce McCorry's Academy - Martial Arts for Sports
Being one of the foremost martial art schools in Massachusetts, Bruce McCorry's is the perfect choice if you want martial arts to boost your child's passion and abilities in sports. Under experienced instructors, learners at Bruce McCorry's get to explore the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of the martial arts to the fullest. The highlights of Bruce McCorry's programs are the Afterschool and Summer Programs for children, but since age is no bar to get the best of martial arts, we also have an elaborate set of courses aimed at adults as well. Enroll today and explore the martial art way to sports!    

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Martial Arts for Kids Ages 3-16

Martial Arts for Kids Ages 3-16: Only The Best at
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy 

As most martial arts evolved in the context of military defense or spiritual gatherings, kids below teenage years were not always part of martial arts in histories. But when martial arts developed as a sport for health, fitness and happy living in the modern times, experts started unearthing the benefits of kids' martial arts. Surprisingly, the formative ages of childhood and teenage ages were found to have the highest potential for imbibing the benefits of martial arts.

How to Make Childhoods Work Wonders: Kids Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's
When Bruce McCorry's Academy emerged as one of the youngest martial art institutions in Massachusetts in the 1970s, it recognized the importance of child martial arts at once. Today, its endeavors have developed into some thoroughly researched and structured martial art courses for children. These courses are intended to bring about the following advantages:

1. To make up the lack of physical activity in a child's daily life
2. To fight conditions which are related to the lack of exercise, such as obesity 
3. To improve the health of kids in general, by enhancing their immunity and resilience
4. To keep the child fit, and to help him/her to remain in shape in the future
5. To improve their study skills by sharpening their intellectual abilities
6. To enhance their athletic, kinetic and co-ordination skills
7. To teach them social values like respect, friendship, trust and cooperation
8. To teach children how to defend themselves and stand up for what they believe in
9. To help kids to de-stress after their daily worries, and keep them energetic and lively
10. To instill self-confidence and self-worth in children

Bruce McCorry's programs for children are structured by veterans to meet these standards which only an institution that walk with the times can offer you. The lessons offered by us blend physical activity, meditation, activities and fun, customized to meet the age, capability and the aptitude of the learners. The physical moves help to enhance the health and fitness goals outlined above. Each martial art demands focus, calculation and thinking, which will generally improve the intellect of a child. Our campus provides an excellent interactive space which will work upon the social skills of children. And the greatest advantage that martial arts can give to your child is to transform them into human beings who believe in themselves and their abilities, who can stand up for their beliefs and opinions and who can grow up knowing how to keep their life, relationships and career goals balanced.

We have a bunch of courses for children between the ages of 3-16, the most popular of them being the Afterschool Program and the Summer Programs (for kids and teenagers) and the Little Ninja program (for preschoolers). The content of the first two programs are designed to equip the child to meet the daily demands that are made on his/her life as a student and an adolescent. They are also timed so as not to clash with the school timings. The preschooler program is for younger children about to make their first step into the field of martial arts. It aims to bring about the development of a child's body, mind, brain and behavior at an age when these are in the stage of formation. 

Bruce McCorry's is the best that you can promise to your child for his/her safe and happy future. Do not hesitate and choose the best of kids' martial arts for your child!