Friday, March 10, 2017

A Solution for Teenage Obesity Kick the Fat with Martial Arts

Kick the Fat through Martial Arts: A Sure Solution for Teenage Obesity
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts - Peabody MA

As a society, these days we have come to care more about what we eat and how physically active we are. If most of us still turn a blind eye on diet and workout habits, it is when it comes to children or teenagers. Even today, many adults seem to live with the notion that one extra bite of junk food or one lazy day spent on the couch can do no more harm to their kids. The common perceptions are that youngsters need rich food in their phase of growth or that junk food won't take the same toll on youngsters as it does on adults. We could have said that about nutritious or healthy food, but definitely not rich food. The result of these misconceptions is that even a decade before, USA was ranked the country with the most overweight teenagers (Inge Lissau, 2004).
 Obese Teenagers in USA: Stats and Consequences
A decade of health consciousness has passed by, but the picture is not very different. For instance, surveys say that:
  •  Since the 1970s, teen obesity in USA has tripled
  •  One in every three kid/teenager in USA is obese
  •  The number of obese teens in USA is around 12.7 million, around 17% of the total

The situation becomes scarier when we see the manifold circumstances that teenage obesity can lead to. Among them are:
  • Increased risk of chronic illness or lifestyle conditions like type 2 diabetes, cardiac risk factors, asthma and metabolic conditions
  • Psychological issues like lack of self-esteem, depression, low motivation and stress
  • Chances of teenage obesity to develop into adult obesity, sometimes lifelong
  • Difficult social life and increased chances of being bullied or socially isolated
  • Risk of conditions that can render the individual dysfunctional

Kick the Fat with Martial Arts: A Solution for Teenage Obesity
We usually blame teen obesity on poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. Sure, they are the two major causes, but the sad fact about obesity is that it happens as a result of a number of complicated causes. For instance, family heritage, binge eating, stress, health conditions, medication and even social issues are proven causes for teenage obesity. So a good diet plan and a physically active lifestyle is a must for fighting obesity, but beyond that we need a solution that provide a once-and-for-all answer to the physical, mental, emotional and social causes of obesity. 

In interesting ways, martial arts does this because it can address most of the causes associated with obesity except some irreversible ones like family history. 
  • Martial arts make teens draw upon their inner strength to self-actualize their body, mind and emotions
  • It helps learners to master excellent stress-relief skills 
  • It boosts self-esteem and social skills in children, leading to social acceptance and less social pressure
  • The combo of martial arts and mind healing, works together on body and mind leading to rapid weight loss in a healthy way
  • Above all, it provides teens with a physically active lifestyle that is twice beneficial compared to workouts or aerobics 

At qualified martial art schools like Bruce McCorry's Academy you will get combination programs of martial arts, meditation techniques and mind healing that together help to fight obesity without side effects or risks. Each teenager who suffers from obesity can find a sure way to health, happiness, social acceptance and success through martial arts.  Make this Month of Nutrition count, and start now with Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts, located in Peabody, MA.  Conveniently located with a FREE no obligation trial.  It's a win-win!  
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