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It's National Nutrition Month. Start Living Right this March with Martial Arts

It's National Nutrition Month. Start Living Right this March with Martial Arts
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Now that we are back to March, the month which the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics observe as the National Nutrition Month, everywhere the slogans are about eating right and switching to that healthy bite. A nutritional and healthy diet is definitely a sure part of healthy living. However the worsening numbers of obesity and other lifestyle-related health issues in the US indicate how important it is to broaden what we consider ways of healthy living.

The Obesity Paradigm: Is It Just About Unhealthy Diet?
Often, in discussions related to obesity, we see that a direct cause-and-effect relationship is drawn between unhealthy eating habits and overweight. Similarly experts tend to establish a link between US being one of the richest nations and also a nation with the highest obesity numbers. Today, however, many argue that even though unhealthy eating habits like junk food consumption and lack of nutritional diet are a large reason for obesity, the causes and remedies for obesity could not be reduced to this. Some studies highlighted by Food Research and Action Center such as a NHANES 2005-08 Analysis and a 2011 study by Freedman could be seen as examples. What is different about them is that they explore the increasing instances of obesity among the poor and the relationship between poverty and obesity.

 Such studies have led to an emerging consensus that diet habits are just one among the many causes for obesity. The spectrum of causes that doctors recognize today, apart from junk diet habits, include sedentary lifestyle, inaccessibility to nutritional food at the right time, hereditary conditions that affect the brain and the body, stress, health conditions like diabetes and more. In the wake of these new bits of research, we can see that eating right is only one of the many important steps we can take toward living a healthy lifestyle. We need to think beyond.

 Alternate Remedies: Finding an Answer in Martial Arts
If you are on a broad lookout for something that will take care of the many possible causes for conditions like obesity, perhaps the best remedy to watch out for is martial arts. Unlike the other measures that you might resort to like a diet plan or a workout scheme, martial arts can address the multiple causes behind unhealthy conditions like obesity. For instance:

  •  Martial arts can give you a physically active break from your sedentary lifestyle in an easier and a more effective way than common workouts.
  •  Adept martial art instructors can give you not just a plan for healthy diet, but a complete plan for healthy lifestyle and practices of life.
  •  Martial arts under professional experts can improve not just your physical health, but also your mental spirit, emotional strength and social skills. Stress relief is a typical example.
  • Sustained and effective martial art lessons will help you to address a number of health conditions that indirectly contribute to obesity, cardiac issues and stroke. It helps to combat diabetes, hormone imbalances, calcium and thyroid imbalances, lipid conditions and blood pressure.
  • At some offbeat martial art schools like Bruce McCorry’s academy, you get unique programs that offer martial arts along with mind healing techniques which is the shortest path to achieving a healthy body and mind. 

 Instructors who will personally attend to you and institutions which will give you tips on healthy living can actually bring about a change. Make the National Nutrition Month of March meaningful by thinking out of the box and adopting a complete healthy lifestyle that includes healthy diet but not just that!

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