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After School Martial Arts Program

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Bruce McCorry's After School Martial Arts Program 
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Transportation from school.

Summer is nearly here and children will be enjoying their holidays, trying to fit in all that they want to do before another school year begins. For parents as well, these might be busy times. Along with managing your homebound champion whose energy levels seem to be out of control, you also have to make arrangements for the upcoming school year, organizing everything from admissions to schoolbooks to after school hangouts. Whether your child is just going to step into school, or moving to a higher grade, he/she needs more preparation than you think. And it involves not just preparing for school, but also preparing for what lies beyond.

After School Martial Arts Program – What can it Do?
Whether for school or for life in general, martial arts will always be a valuable add-on to your child’s experience. After school martial art is doubly beneficial because it is the most suitable way of balancing martial arts with daily school. What exactly does this mean to your child?

First of all, all martial art training helps your child to be healthy, strong and fit. In other words, it provides the foundation of all other activities including studies. The inexhaustible energy that your kid will gain from martial art training is what he/she needs to do well in studies, sports and extra-curricular activities. The lessons in martial arts can also make them sharper and logical. These qualities come to their aid not just in their classrooms but throughout their lives.

Scientists and doctors had proven the all work and no play idiom true, when they pointed out how the excessive work pressure can actually affect kids in a negative way. Even when physical activities and gym were included in the daily school syllabus, none of them can provide the same health and fitness benefits martial arts can give. Martial art sessions in the after school hours are most ideal, because it is like rejuvenating your children after their tedious school day.
Making friends before class.
After school lessons have a whole new meaning in the modern era, when teen crimes and violence against children mostly peak in the after school hours. More and more working parents, who fear the safety of their kids, have started seeking out after school programs. If you choose after school martial arts instead of a regular daycare, it is the best way to assure that your kids’ hours are not wasted by doing something that is neither useful nor enjoyable.
Prepare for AMP – Now is the Time!

When Bruce McCorry’s Academy introduced the After School Martial Arts Program (AMP) with its nationally approved syllabus that blends martial arts, personality development, activities and playtime, it was an instant hit. It became the most sought-after solution for all the problems of the parents. Kids took the course to their hearts as their ultimate companion in studies as well as a safe after school harbor. The steady flow of students to AMP continues even today. To make your kids’ school months as interesting and enjoyable as their summer, start preparing them today for this amazing course! The admissions are open and the seats are filling up quick - this is the time to make a choice and say yes to AMP. 

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