Monday, June 22, 2015

Kaiden Anastas – A Little Ninja with Big Dreams

Kaiden Anastas – A Little Ninja with Big Dreams from Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts

Being at the right time at the right place is said to be the success mantra for many. But that time is gone when a child’s life, passion and success were determined by some talent and sheer luck. Nowadays, right choices are the only thing that can take anyone through the right path. And if kids are too young to make the choices, it is important for parents to take decisions for them. The story of little Kaiden Anastas from Bruce McCorry’s is a testimony to how one right choice can transform a kid’s life.

Anastas– A Little Ninja with Big Dreams from Bruce McCorry’s Academy
When Kaiden’s parents brought him to join the Little Ninjas Martial Arts program three years back, he was just a toddler of three years of age. This was the defining choice that changed Kaiden’s life. 

Even at such a small age, martial arts became a passion for Kaiden and he totally enjoyed his lessons. In these three years, his curiosity and passion for martial arts has made him try out different kinds of training and he has loved them all. And he has also personal favorites like weapons. The quality training at Bruce McCorry’s Academy under professionals has helped him to try out different kinds of training in a safe and age-accustomed manner.

Today, at six years of age, little Kaiden has transformed himself into an active and vigorous martial artist with a lot of big dreams. At this young age, he has a clearly defined goals for where his martial art training should take him – Kaiden has moved up to the after school program, wants to be a part of the demo team, and wants to train himself for a black belt later. He is finishing up kindergarten, and he is very smart in his classroom. He has equally shown his potential and ability in co-curricular activities. His energy and his passion for sports has made him excel in games and sports. Kaiden loves to play ice hockey, baseball and soccer in his free time. He also enjoys games like Minecraft. Martial arts have helped Kaiden to top in studies, outdoor sports as well as intellectually demanding games.

Martial arts has molded his character as well. His experience in martial arts has made him an extremely determined boy. His indomitable energy has made him a boy who loves challenges. Martial arts has made him a child who remains stubborn even at the face of challenges. Apart from being smart, he is also extremely lovable, of which sometimes he is oblivious in an adorable way. What martial arts has given to him is that even when he is the same sweet six year old that everyone adores and loves, still it has given him a vision at a very young age and the determination to fulfill his goals.

Bruce McCorry’s for your Little Ninja
Bruce McCorry’s Academy has a role in his character formation. It is the safe and professional atmosphere of the Little Ninjas program that has made Kaiden enjoy the experience as well as take it seriously as a possible hobby for future. The customized and age-oriented teaching also helped. Due to many misunderstood notions, often parents are apprehensive of choosing martial arts for their children at tender ages. But Kaiden’s story is an encouraging tale of how beneficial martial arts can be for toddlers. Choose Bruce McCorry’s for your Little Ninja and make a difference!

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