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Summer Fitness Martial Arts for Everyone

Summer Fitness Martial Arts for Everyone 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

 With the sun shining gloriously, we are sure this is the time to enjoy our life, especially after that terrible winter we had. But, there is one thing that all the summer fun and enjoyment can ruin for you – your fitness. We know this, but who wants to spend tiring hours working out in such warm, humid sunny days! That’s where summer martial arts come to your rescue. It is your brand new fun pastime where you can enjoy with your family and friends – all the while maintaining your fitness!

Summer Martial Arts for Adults and Seniors
So why is martial arts a better option for adults than a traditional workout? Martial arts are known for their quick calorie-burning capability. This means losing more weight in less time, with less effort. Martial arts are endowed with the wisdom of tradition. They tone your body not just by burning calories, but also by redistributing excess fat. It is exactly what you need in the summer, because after all, summer is the time when you would want to flaunt your toned body!

For seniors, martial arts in the summer gives not just fitness but, health benefits as well. A recent study in the University of Cambridge has shown how summer is the healthiest time of the year. Professor Mike Turner of the Wellcome trust has shown that this happens because of the immunity changes according to seasons. Martial arts can help you to tap this potential of summer health, especially for seniors and adults who face the challenge of lifestyle diseases.

Summer Martial arts for Kids and Preschoolers
Summer holidays are a big disruption in a child’s biological calendar. After months and months of running about in school and physical activities in gym, they suddenly fall to a pattern of inactivity. When this inaction is backed up with junk food consumption, this can actually become reason for obesity and depression. Studies have shown how  the Body Mass Index shoots up in kids during summer more than any of the school months. Martial arts during the summer can break this inaction and keep them fit. It can also be a fun pastime, the best physical and mental refreshment while they prepare for the upcoming school year.

Summer martial arts can benefit kids who await another school year, and preschoolers who are yet to start school. Along with keeping them in shape, martial arts can actually aid them in studies. It also develops motor skills, social skills and language ability in preschoolers.

Summer Fitness Martial Arts for Everyone - Keep your Family Fit!
Thus we see that summer martial arts is essential for everyone in a family, right from toddlers to seniors. In one of the best martial art destinations in Massachusetts, the Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy, (Peabody, Massachusetts) you can even enroll in martial arts as a family. This means sharing the fun and the benefits alike with your dear ones. Bruce McCorry’s also has individual summer martial art courses for each one in your family.

Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy is also special because nowhere else in MA can you get professional martial art lessons under such experienced faculty. It is also the ultimate summer platform to socialize and have fun. Let Bruce McCorry’s be your fitness mantra this summer – enroll today or try a free trial!

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