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Best Cardio Kickboxing Classes in Massachusetts

Best Cardio Kickboxing Classes 
by Bruce McCorry's Martial Academy 

Cardio kickboxing has been the showstopper among martial arts for the past two decades. This relatively new member to the circle of coveted martial arts, has won the heart of a large number of followers. The simplicity of its moves, the easeful methods of practice compared to other martial arts, and its immense potential as a workout are all winning factors for the popularity of cardio kickboxing. 

Cardio Kickboxing as the Fusion of the Old and the New Values
Its emphasis on fitness and its recent rise to popularity have created an image of cardio kickboxing as a post modern martial art in the minds of laymen. Despite its modern face, cardio kickboxing can actually boast of a valuable ancestral heritage. The ancestor of cardio kickboxing is Muay Thai, an ensemble art from Thailand that was widely practiced by 1920s by Thai men. By the fifties, Japanese veterans like Osamu Nogachi further fused it with Karate to form traditional kickboxing.

From its inception, kickboxing has placed the focus on its sports-like quality than defense or meditative nature. By seventies, kickboxing developed admirers in both US and Europe. Frank Thiboutot, the prominent name in US martial arts, further modified kickboxing. He gave shape to cardio kickboxing in 1992.

The Craze of the Two Decades: Advantages and Benefits of Cardio Kickboxing
Since 1992, cardio kickboxing has generated quite a lot of applause among martial arts enthusiasts. Part of this comes from its dual nature: its heritage of values on one hand, and its postmodern emphasis on fitness and health on the other.

When the hectic lifestyle of 21st century caused a four-fold increase in the number of cardiac patients, that was when cardio kickboxing established itself as a panacea. The ability of this sports-like art to check cardiac risk factors like hypertension, cholesterol and cardiac blocks has even given it its name. To millions of heart patients around the world, kickboxing became a natural, not-too-heavy healing technique that can keep their hearts safer.

Another thing that 21st century witnessed, was its preoccupation with fitness. There too, cardiac kickboxing left its indelible mark. The ability of cardio kickboxing to liquefy up to 800 calories per hour (as certified by American Council on Education) has been unlike anything that workouts could accomplish.

Further, cardio kickboxing has a role in sharpening your reflexes. By regulating the amount of the hormone endorphin, cardio kickboxing has a very scientific role as a de-stressing mechanism. It is perhaps something which even meditation cannot achieve in such specific terms.

Cardio Kickboxing Classes at Bruce McCorry’s: The True Learning Experience
The status of cardio kickboxing as a sought after option has resulted in a flow of aspiring students to Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA). This is also due to the Bruce McCorry’s way of professional training under qualified trainers. Since Bruce McCorry’s courses are open to kids, adults and seniors, it has also become a place where you can learn cardio kickboxing as a family. Under the supervision of professionals like Ms Sandra LaRosa, the kickboxing lessons have become the best of its kind in Massachusetts. Enroll today to experience true cardio kickboxing lessons, with all its benefits! www.BruceMcCorrys.com

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