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Best Tai Chi Classes in Massachusetts

Best Tai Chi Classes 
 Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy 

When translated to English, the term Tai Chi stands for the Ultimate Boxing. What this name indicates is not just power, strength and confidence, but the legacy of a martial art that is profoundly philosophical, mystical in its outlook, meditative in its energy and yet a pragmatic self-defense. Originally named Tai Chi Chuan, this unique art draws from Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism the ancient Asian belief in the primacy of life force. 

Past Forward: Tai Chi through Centuries
The mythical past traces the roots of Tai Chi to a Taoist Saint Zhang Sanfeng. Factual historical evidence, however, points to a warrior of late 17th century, Chen Wangting, as the formulator of Tai Chi. The documents bear testimony to how Tai Chi remained more or less a family heritage until 19th century. Yang Luchan, a Chinese martial artist, was the first person outside Chen family to learn Tai Chi and carry it outside the family. Originally, Tai Chi was an art that blended aggressive and soft elements. Once it was popularized, the hard moves were not circulated for fear of being appropriated by rebellious kingdoms. Eventually, Tai Chi developed two mutually exclusive streams of practice: the hard and the soft variants. Today, Tai Chi has come to denote a wide variety of style and disciplines. Post-war glory associated with oriental martial arts made Tai Chi a globally coveted art form.

Tai Chi for Life: The Formula of Life Force
A traditional belief associated with Tai Chi was that it will provide you long life. Though modern science initially wrote it off as a superstition, further research showed how Tai Chi can actually lower hypertension, improve cardiac health and can be an effective cure for metabolic disorders and arthritis. At least in an indirect way, Tai Chi can actually give you longer lives, and this realization led to a reappraisal of the so-called superstitions. For a long time, Tai Chi had been believed to be the key to the strong physique of warriors. Modern science has subsequently unearthed the fitness possibilities of the art, validating this belief as well. 

Along with what heritage proclaimed for adults, Tai Chi was also proven to have amazing benefits for children. Tai Chi was shown to stimulate analytical skills, reasoning and quick reaction skill. Both hard and soft Tai Chi gained popularity also as powerful self-protection methods. 

The greatest contribution, however, was the effect that Tai Chi’s emphasis on life force had on stress-relief and concentration. Meditative and calm, Tai Chi is the ultimate mind-calmer for the modern day man and woman, caught up in the hurry of professional and personal lives.

Best Tai Chi Classes in Massachusetts - Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy
Tai Chi lessons at Bruce McCorry’s academy are unique because they aim at evoking the subtle, meditative mood in you. Instructors at Bruce McCorry’s Academy believe in the power of Tai Chi to bring your mind and body into a peaceful coexistence with one another. Bruce McCorry’s academy is your unique portal to learn Tai Chi in a customized pace that suits your age, ability and perseverance. Say yes to the matchless Tai Chi experience at Bruce McCorry’s today!

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