Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Best Taekwondo Classes in Massachusetts

Best Taekwondo Classes at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Taekwondo is often referred to as the pride of Korea in international martial arts. It is very popular among children and teenagers, thanks to its fashionable outlook and many useful advantages. What many of us do not know is that this fashionable modern art is actually 15 centuries old.

Tracing the Tradition: Taekwondo in History
The Korea of 6th century AD was a broken country, with three rival rulers competing for power among themselves. SuBak, a defense art, was introduced by one of these rulers named Ching Huen, as a military strategy for his defense army. The responsibility to train the army was given to a Buddhist sage Won Kang. What otherwise would have been an aggressive defense art was, thus, deeply enriched by the philosophical influence of Buddhism. Further, Confucianism, subsequent Chinese influence and finally Japanese invasion left its imprints upon the art. At the eve of Korea’s liberation in 1945, the centuries of history had transformed SuBak into a specific intricate variant, TaeKyon. The newborn Korean government standardized the art under the name Taekwondo, and made it a part of Korea’s precious cultural capital. Foundations of Korean Taekwondo Association (1962) and subsequently, World Taekwondo Federation (1973) played a role in gaining global admiration for Taekwondo. Today, if Taekwondo is recognized as the pride of Korea, it is because it has been witness to the history of the country itself, for 1500 years.

Taekwondo Lessons For You: Why Say Yes?
Today, 190 countries of the world have recognized Taekwondo as a useful martial art. After it got the recognition of the Olympic Association, it also developed a sports spirit and professional value, which was an addition to the innumerable advantages that were already there.

Its numerous advantages extend from health, fitness, confidence development and personality building to self defense. However, the greatest merit of Taekwondo is its adaptability. In other words, it is one of those martial arts that yield itself easily to artists of any age. Whether you have a toddler who just wants to try out martial art for fun, or if you are a professional aspirant, you can call Taekwondo yours. It is that all rounder martial art that you have been always waiting for!

Best Taekwondo Classes at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
Taekwondo can radically redefine your health, emotional balance and personality, if it is learnt professionally. The flocking of martial art enthusiasts to learn Taekwondo has resulted in a dearth of qualified instructors, compared to the numbers of those who want to learn. That is why Taekwondo lessons at Bruce McCorry’s Academy becomes an exception, worth experiencing.

Taekwondo being the specialization of its founder Master McCorry, the academy has always been counted among the best places to learn the art in Massachusetts. The elaborate program in Taekwondo aims at enhancing fitness, health and emotional poise in adults, memory and intellect in children. For anyone who learns it, Taekwondo can be a safe self-defense option. Women and seniors especially find Taekwondo program at Bruce McCorry’s useful in this respect. With schemes and time schedules to suit your personal needs, Bruce McCorry’s is the primary Taekwondo haven in Massachusetts. Try it out today!

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