Saturday, July 11, 2015

Best Kung Fu Classes in Massachusetts

Best Kung Fu Classes at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy

Martial arts enthusiasts around the world are quite familiar with the popular art of Kung Fu. Kung Fu is a martial art in which the entire Chinese tradition of health and stress-relief comes alive. And that too, with unbelievable possibilities for a modern learner. To a 21st century enthusiast who wants to take up a martial art for practical reasons like health, fitness, confidence building or self-defense, the ancient wisdom of Kung Fu has a lot to offer.

Kung Fu: Through a Lens of the Past
Originally, the attempts of the ancient Chinese King Huang Di to develop a battle system for his Xia soldiers resulted in the rudimentary form of Kung Fu. What was started as defense planning for the Xia dynasty, broadened to achieve greater depths under subsequent rulers. In the centuries that took this defense art to develop into the modern day Kung Fu, it absorbed into it the philosophical base, traditions, rituals and medicinal art of ancient China. The Shaolin Temple, a famous monastery in China, was what shaped Kung Fu. Under the Buddhist monks of Shaolin Temple, especially Bodhidharma, Kung Fu lost its defense-oriented aggression and developed a peaceful outlook. Shaolin Kung Fu spread through countries, and developed into today’s Kung Fu with its numerous branches, styles and techniques.

Best Kung Fu Classes at Bruce McCorry’s Academy
When Master Bruce McCorry, a young martial art expert from Massachusetts was offered a chance to showcase his expertise at the Shaolin Temple in 1984, it was the recognition of a newly born group of true martial art enthusiasts in the US, who could touch the essence of the traditional Kung Fu. The academy established by Master McCorry, with four decades of experience in martial arts instruction, ranks as the number one Kung Fu destination in the US today.

The Spectrum of Advantages: Bruce McCorry’s Kung Fu
Kung Fu lessons at Bruce McCorry’s academy(Peabody, Massachusetts) can help you to tap the full range of benefits that the art can give you. If scientifically learnt, Kung Fu can transform your life. It can give you a healthy and fit body, and can help you to develop a confident and positive outlook of life. Apart from being a good self-defense art, Kung Fu can actually make your life a calm and happy place to be. Whether it is kids who struggle with schoolwork, or adults to have to cope up with deadlines, responsibilities and stress, Kung Fu has an answer. Learning it in the right way from the masters of Kung Fu at Bruce McCorry’s is all you need to do!

Say Yes to Life through Bruce McCorry’s Kung Fu Lessons
The focus of Bruce McCorry’s Kung Fu is on how the inborn abilities of a person can be developed to the fullest through martial arts. For this, we have a structured a syllabus that gradually proceeds from basic moves to hand-based techniques, weapon training, lessons in philosophical base and meditative sessions. Bruce McCorry’s Kung Fu thus covers the spectrum from theory to practice to its subtle application through meditation. This amazing course is right now open to kids, teenagers, adults, seniors and specially-abled children. Register today and make the choice of your life!

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