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How to Become a Master Martial Artist

How to Become a Master Martial Artist? – The 4 P's
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

To some, martial arts is a hobby, to some a pastime. But to some others, martial arts is the passion of their lives, their ultimate dream. If your ultimate dream is to be a martial artist, if you want to explore the world of martial arts from basics to the levels of mastery, it is time - because dreams take life only when you make them true.

Become a Master Martial Artist – The Miracle of the Four P's
Being a true master of the martial arts means much more than the ranks, professional qualifications or awards. Rather, a true master is the one who has mastered his/her art to the heart. If martial arts is your ultimate passion, maybe you might have already chosen which martial art to specialize in. If you haven't yet made the choice, then it is time. Once you have chosen your path, there are four steps to being a master in that field: Practice, Patience, Persistence and Perseverance

Practice: The Daily Boost to your Goals
Practice is of extreme importance in martial arts, because it helps to reinforce what you have learned in such a way that martial arts will come to you naturally. Regular practice gradually transforms your body in a positive way, toning it and rejuvenating it. But more than that, it molds your body to receive the next level in your martial art training. It lays the path for your gradual ascension to mastery. Proper and professional guidance can show you the way to perfection in your journey.

Patience: Teaching Your Mind to Wait
Mastery in martial arts does not come about in one or two days. It takes time, because it involves gradual preparation of your mind and body to achieve greatness. Therefore, the second P that can help you achieve your dream is patience. In this also, proper guidance is important. When you try to learn martial arts without assistance, being patient may seem an endless waiting to you. But if you get proper instruction, you will be shown what to expect at each turn, leading you to success.

Persistence: The Power to Overcome
No journey to greatness is easy. Achieving mastery in martial arts is no different. You may face setbacks, you may fail sometimes, you may not rise to your own expectations. It is difficult, but that does not mean it is impossible. With the third P – persistence – you can turn the difficult to easy. You need to take the decision to stick to to your passion, whatever hurdles you may face in the path. Inspiring stories of great martial artists tell us that mastery comes through persistence.

Perseverance: The Ultimate P
The last word to being a martial arts master is perseverance. It means not losing the initial passion that you nurtured in your mind. If you take the vow to dedicate yourself to martial arts, you must work regularly, continuously and efficiently to achieve your dream. Your instructors can help you to keep up your passion. Regular lessons, deadlines, competitions and training are the best motivators to help you remain committed to your art.

With the 4 P's in your mind, there is nothing you cannot achieve. Start your martial arts journey today. For professional and expert guidance in martial art lessons, you can choose Bruce McCorry's Academy (Peabody, MA). With its host of experienced teachers, Bruce McCorry's can be the portal to your master martial arts dream!

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