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New School Year Anxiety and Martial Arts

The New School Year Anxiety: How Martial Arts can Help Kids

School can be a happy place for your child only if she/he is comfortable at school. A new school year is just about to begin, and as parents you need to realize that if you have a child who does not look forward to the school reopening, the reasons might not be as simple as you think. New school year anxiety is a complex fact with many factors. 

New School Year, New Anxieties: What Makes School Difficult for your Child?
Among the many factors that contribute to the new school year anxiety among kids, the following can be considered the most prominent:

1. Stress and Studying: After two months of relaxing and idling away time, it is not easy for kids to come back to the routine of schooldays, especially with the heavy workload and accurate deadlines that the syllabus demands. Stress related to schoolwork is one factor for school year anxiety.

2. Competition and Rivalry: School may not be a happy place for your child if the atmosphere in his/her class is rife with competitive and rival spirit among children.

3. Bullying and Isolation: According to many studies, the primary reason why many children dread school is the bullying and isolation meted out to them by classmates or seniors. A major reason for anxiety, this can damage a child’s spirit and behavior if not taken care of properly.

4. Peer Pressure: Often, kids are forced to try out what they would otherwise would not, under the pressure of their classmates. This too is a reason for anxiety because studies show how after succumbing to peer pressure, many kids may feel guilty.

5. Insecurity: School itself can be a reason for insecurity for kids. School-going kids often feel insecure while commuting, in after school hours and even in spaces like classroom and transport. These are all contributive factors to dreading school.

Say No to Anxiety with Martial Arts…
Thankfully, none of these factors, listed out, are too difficult that they cannot be overcome at all. One most useful skill that can help your child to deal with school year anxiety is martial arts. How can martial arts help?

1. Martial arts training can improve study skills like memory, reasoning, punctuality and so on. This can come handy while dealing with workload and work stress.

2. Martial arts can teach kids the spirit of team work, compromise and mutual respect. This can help them to cope up with competition and rivalry in classroom.

3. Martial art instills self-worth, confidence and physical strength with which kids can resist bullying and peer pressure. It makes kids assertive and teaches them to say no when necessary.

4. Martial arts are the best self defense that can actually remove a child’s self-consciousness of insecurity. Good martial arts centers are also safe spaces for kids to spend their after-school hours and free days.

Say YES to Martial Arts! Say Yes to Bruce McCorry's After-School Martial Arts Program!

Martial art is much more than this:
it is fun, enjoyment, passion, health, fitness and much more. Professional martial arts under good instructors can actually redefine your kid’s life. Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) is a good example, since hundreds of kids who are former students at the academy testify how it changed their life forever. Make this school year the most memorable with the help of Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts After School Program - it is time to think different! The program is especially great for kids that have a hectic schooling schedule and need an invigorating after school activity that allows them to learn, recharge and prepare for school. Besides martial arts, the program blends in some fun activities that are best suited for kids. Transportation from school to the academy is also conveniently available.
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