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Master Bruce McCorry and his Martial Arts Legacy

Master Bruce McCorry and his Martial Arts Legacy
What does it mean to have envisioned an impossible dream four decades back, and to have made that vision come true with diligence and perseverance? For those of us who believe in the truth of childhood dreams, the legacy of Master Bruce McCorry and his Academy of Martial Arts appears nothing less than a vision that turned true through perseverance.

From Childhood Dreams to A Lifelong Journey
Born in Revere (MA), young Bruce McCorry had a liking for martial arts right from the early years spent at his childhood home in Peabody where his parents were settled. When he came across the popular Green Hornet TV series and was inspired by Bruce Lee, it was the momentous start to his journey. Obsessed with martial arts, the thirteen-year-old boy enrolled at Mattson Karate Academy, and moved on to Kung Fu in 1972 under P. Chan, a Grandmaster in the field. His inexhaustible love for martial arts made him train at the Peter Chung Academy in Taekwondo.

Once he was sure that his calling was martial arts, the images of a dream martial art school began haunting Master McCorry. It is these dreams which took the shape of Bruce McCorry’s Academy in 1978, all set to celebrate forty years of its commencement in 2018.

Meeting Legends and Making Changes
After having mastered Kung Fu and Taekwondo, Tai Chi was the next art which inspired Master McCorry. His indomitable thirst for perfecting the martial artist within him led him on a journey across Asia in 1984. His talent and passion had a golden moment of appreciation when he got the chance to train and make a performance at Shaolin Temple, the sacred heartland of traditional Kung Fu. After coming back to United States, Master McCorry had the cherished chance to train with the man who is considered as the father-figure of Taekwondo in the United States. This was none other than Jhoon Ree, the man behind introductory efforts to establish Taekwondo in the States.

Master McCorry, a man whose energy and passion asked him to learn and experiment with new arts, led him to take up different arts and their variants like praying mantis Kung Fu. A martial artist with many honors to match his perseverance, he is a 8th Dan in Korean KukkiWon, an entrant to the Martial Art Hall of Fame in 2002, and honored with Master Instructor title the next year. Today he continues his training and become a master in energy healing.

The Bruce McCorry’s Academy of Martial Arts: From Legacy to Life
What originally started as a nascent venture by a young visionary is today one of the long-standing martial art academies in Massachusetts. The experienced and dedicated instructors who became part of the academy from time to time; and the insistence of safety, happiness and needs of the learners has gained for the academy the prestigious name that it today wears. Bruce McCorry’s Martial Arts Academy at once tries to impart the goodness of heritage to its students, and draws from both tradition and modern research to teach them how they can deal with the specific problems and needs in their life through martial arts.

With offered courses in a number of martial arts, adult, children and family programs, programs for people special needs and seniors, fundraisers, championships and activities, Bruce McCorry’s Academy is a name that is rewriting the martial art annals in Massachusetts.  For more information on Bruce and his Academy, visit

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