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After School and Summer Martial Arts Programs

After School and Summer Workshops 
at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

With only limited spots available for the summer program, now is the time to enroll....

If you are a parent in lookout of a fun and useful co-curricular course for your kids, Bruce McCorry’s martial arts is what you are looking for. Improved health, immunity and enhanced mental capacity are only some of the benefits of learning children’s martial arts. In Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA), children’s martial arts are offered in two unique and specially designed programs: The Summer Workshop and the After School Martial Arts Program.

The Summer Workshop in Martial Arts: Highlights and Benefits

Bruce McCorry’s Summer Workshop is a uniquely designed character development program with its emphasis on martial arts. The core of this program is the useful martial arts lessons which can make your child healthy, fit, confident and happy. The martial arts lessons will teach your child the basics of self-defense. The course is also specially designed to aid your kids’ study skills such as memory, reasoning, analytic ability and critical thinking.

The uniqueness of Summer Program is that it is not just about martial arts – it is a total character building course. Apart from martial arts, it involves field trips, arts and crafts workshops, game sessions and sessions on personality development. It is a course that can instill a positive spirit in your child and make him/her a champion. The course shall be conducted in the summer season each year.

After School Martial Arts Program: Highlights and Benefits
After School Martial Arts Program (AMP) is a course that has national recognition all over the US with a standard syllabus. Bruce McCorry’s Academy was in forefront in introducing the course to Massachusetts. AMP at Bruce McCorry’s is an engaging and focused martial arts program which is intended for school-going children. 

Though AMP has a nationally standardized pattern and form of instruction, Bruce McCorry’s AMP is still unique because of the student-friendly approach of the instructors. On one hand, AMP gives a child all the advantages that can be gained through learning martial arts. Secondly, AMP is also a safe resort for your child to spend his/her after school hours on weekdays. If you are a working parent, and your child spends his/her after school hours in dull after school care programs, it is time to think different!

Join Now and Feel the Difference!
Bruce McCorry’s has remained the leading martial arts institute in Massachusetts since its commencement in 1978. When you choose Bruce McCorry’s for your child, you are being part of a four-decade long legacy that has produced some of the best martial artists of the state. The children’s programs offered by the academy can be a stepping stone to this new world of martial arts – an all time hobby or even a future career option for your child.

Both the after School and Summer Workshops are also great ways to make sure that your child spends his/her free time in a constructive and fun way. With only limited spots available for the summer program, now is the time to enroll. You can also pick the after school course depending upon the need and comfort of your child. What awaits your child at Bruce McCorry's is quality martial arts instruction with a lot of fun, enjoyment and happiness. Enroll today and know the difference! 
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Best Martial Arts for Self Defense

Best Martial Arts for Self Defense: Our Favorites 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Some of the reasons why people train in martial arts include keeping fit, becoming pro competitors, and learning self defense. If you want to use martial arts as a means of self defense, your first step is selecting the martial art form to train. Each form has a unique set of techniques which can be used in real life self defense situations. Whichever is best, largely depends on your particular needs. In this article, we'll discuss the more popular martial art forms. This will make it easier for you to select the one that best suits your needs. The forms we discuss are placed in no particular order, meaning you can choose any depending on how much you're interested in it.

This form incorporates a series of hand, knee and leg strikes on the opponent's open points. In unfortuante self defense situations, when you have no choice but to defend yourself, your goal is to be fast, accurate and cunning.  Kickboxing is performed by striking an attacker that's directly in front of you. Proper training is needed to get power and speed behind your strikes.

It translates to the Empty Hand. It's one of the oldest forms of martial arts and involves the use of the limbs as weapons. One of the reasons why it's a popular martial art form is that it incorporates ways of avoiding a violent confrontation. However, it's also one of the best forms for self defense situations. Bruce lee, Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme are some of the famous personalities that have trained Karate.

It traces its roots to Japan and a particular individual called Kano Jigoro. Kano borrowed techniques from other martial art forms and created Judo. It's uniqueness lies in the fact that you use your opponent's strength against him. That said, you don't have to be stronger than your opponent to use this form. Judo is primarily a ground work form of martial arts. It aims at getting your opponent into submission. Chokes and locks are common but effective techniques. Famous personalities that have trained in Judo include Guy Richie and Theodore Roosevelt.

It also originates in Japan and uses the attackers strength and energy against them. It was created by Morihei Ueshiba in the 1900s. The interesting thing about this martial art form is that your goal is to disarm the attacker rather than cause them harm. Akido also incorporates weapons training since it's primarily focused on self defense against attacks from an armed opponent. You'll learn how to defend against attackers with weapons such as knives, swords and staffs. Famous personalities who have trained in Akido include Steven Seagal and Minoru Mochizuki.

It focuses on ground moves, including throws, rolls and grappling. It also incorporates an "anything goes" attitude where you can use techniques such us biting and gouging in real self defense situations making it a potentially deadly form. Often referred to the art of softness, it was developed for use by Japanese Samurais to use when they found themselves disarmed during combat. It's a great self defense form for close combat situations. Hand-to-hand combat training is also available here.

This form focuses on delivering swift and targeted kicks and strikes. Training involves building on your physical and mental strength. Martial artists using this martial arts form are known to break blocks using their hands and legs. The work translates to the way of the fist and the foot. It's popularity flourished after the end of Japan's occupation of Korea after WWII. An Olympic sport, it's considered the world's most popular martial arts form. Currently, it's estimated to have over 30 million followers in over 100 countries. Famous Taekwondo black belts include Willie Nelson and, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Kung Fu
This form was made famous by Hollywood movies and originates from China. It's one of the oldest martial arts forms and emphasis is placed on the morality of its techniques. It was initially taught by Chinese monks and virtues such as respect and humility were incorporated into training. Mastering this martial art often required a lifetime of dedicated training and hard work, hence the name Kung Fu. The form is said to have been introduced to China by the Yellow Emperor Huangdi at around 2698BC. Famous Kung Fu masters include Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
You might not believe it but, this art form originates from Japan despite its name. It focuses on ground techniques. It was created by Mitsuyo Maeda, a Japanese fighter who had a winning streak of over 2000 bouts. He formed this martial art form while in Brazil, as a world ambassador of martial arts. Since 1914, it has become one of the popular martial art forms used in the UFC and in training academies. Famous personalities who have trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu include Royce Gracie and Wanderlei Silva.

No martial art form is considered superior over the other. There are only superior martial artists. Whichever form you choose, it's your best shot at being able to defend yourself properly. The only thing you need to keep in mind is finding the right trainer and training academy. At Bruce McCorry's we offer a variety of martial art training programs instructed by highly qualified trainers. If you want to boost your self confidence knowing you can effectively defend against violent attacks, join our academy and train with the best.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Martial Arts as a Solution to Bullying

Bullying, Cyber Bullying - How Martial Arts can Help
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Bullying reports are becoming quite common today.
The rampant nature of this vice is making it easier to detect. However, even when detected, many parents and authorities feel helpless when it comes to finding a solution. Some forms of bullying aren't illegal. This usually leaves the victim vulnerable to the bully. The Department of Health and Human Services released a report on 2014 bullying statistics which revealed the following. Bullying is at its peak in middle school where it's used to advance the bully's social standing. Close to 1900 children were interviewed and they believed the coolest kid in the school was the bully. 83% of girls and 79% of boys admit to have been bullied. 30% of teens admit to have bullied someone. Interestingly, only about 20% of bullied children report to authorities or guardians.
Psychologists believe that bullies choose their victims on the basis of being odd. Majority of the victims are considered different by their peers making them the perfect target for bullies. Common targets include individuals within the gay, lesbian and transgender groups, those who are perceived as physically weak and, overweight people.

Cyber Bullying
This is one of the ills that's been linked to technological advancement. Some of the statistics on this behavior include the following.

About 52% of teenagers have been victims of cyber bullying. The cell phone and social media are the most commonly used media used by cyber billies.

Over 95% of teens who witness bullying on social media ignore the habit just like most of their peers.

Only about 17% of parents know about cyber bullying and its effects on teens and adolescents.

Cases of suicides linked to cyber bullying have been reported.

Martial Arts as a Solution to Bullying
The statistics surrounding bullying are both disheartening and shocking. This behavior threatens to get out of hand and authorities might be forced to take tougher measures to keep it under control. As a parent, you can do something to protect your child from this anti-social behavior. Martial arts is a great preventive and remedial solution for bullying. It will help in the following ways.

Martial arts is designed to help students to learn self defense.

Most bullying situations will involve some form of violence or threats to cause physical harm.
The child exposed to bullying will be able to defend himself and others from a violent bully.
Children who learn martial arts are more confident about their abilities and themselves.
It's often said that bullying victims find themselves in such situations because they don't have the confidence to handle the bully. They simply let the bully have his way.

Martial arts teaches individuals to learn to appreciate themselves and their unique abilities. As such, they won't let themselves get bullied because they seem "different".

Bullies can learn how to channel their energy to positive activities such as training. 

The bully is characterized by negative energy they want to release by harassing their victims. 

Martial arts teaches them that they can channel their energy in a positive manner. In addition, it teaches them to respect others regardless of their status in society.

Bullying is a reality that has become more complex and rampant thanks to technology. The best way to stop it is by using positive preventive and remedial measures such as martial arts. Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts academy offers a variety of martial arts programs for children and adults. Train with us and learn an effective way to stop bullying.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Reasons Kids Shouldn't Have a Cell Phone

Reasons Kids Shouldn't Have a Cell Phone
Written by Michael Fulcher

Verizon recently conducted a survey on children owning cell phones. The results showed that the average age for a child receiving their first phone is 111/2 years. Also, 95% of children with cell phones didn't receive any instructions or rules on how to use the phones from their parents. Such figures can be quite alarming given the dangers that come with minors owning a cell phone. 10 of the reasons kids shouldn't have a cell phone include the following. 

Owning a cell phone can lead to suicide
The Center for Disease Controls estimates around 440,000 suicide attempts involving minors each year. 1% of the attempts actually cause death. One of the main reasons children try to take their lives is cyber bullying which is more or less made possible by access to a cell phone.

Sexting is a reality
Cosmo Girl reports that 22% and 20% of teenage girls and boys respectively have sent nude or semi nude images of themselves using their phones. This is contrary to what most parents believe. Photos sent online can easily go viral and be accessed by people they're not intended for. Such photos landing in the wrong hands can lead to the child's humiliation and a tarnished image for the rest of their lives.

Sexting can lead to early sex
According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy, 29% of teenagers believe that people sending nude photos online are after sex. This mentality can lead to early sexual encounters along with their dangers.

Arrest and prosecution
With the rising cases of child pornography, there has been a significant rise in the number of arrests and prosecutions. The law doesn't differentiate between adults and minors when it comes to these types of cases. A good example is of a teenage boy who was arrested and prosecuted for sending and receiving nude photos of himself and his girlfriend.

Early exposure to explicit content
A report published on CNN's website indicated that 17% of kids between 12 and 17 had received explicit content on their cell phones. The main reason for this is that their parents aren't closely monitoring the child's use of their phone.

An extra bill to pay
Buying your child a cell phone means you'll have to pay for their data bill. If you don't have rules governing how your child should use their phone, they're less likely to understand that constant texting and browsing means more expenses for you to pay.

Poor sleeping habits
The National Sleep Foundation reports that about 20% of teenagers wake during the night to receive an call or read a text. Minors want to keep in touch with their peers regardless of the time of day or night. Night time phone use can lead to poor sleeping habits which can negatively affect schoolwork.

Less communication
Majority of children who own cell phones will spend most of their time communicating through it. Their world practically revolves around the cell phone. This can hamper one on one communication between parent and child in the long run.

Costly replacement
Children are not known for being responsible especially when it comes to things they own. A cell phone can be easily lost. As a parent, you have to cover all expenses that come with replacing a phone like data recovery, shutting down previous network and getting a new number.Link to cancer Scientists have linked cell phone use to cancer development. In 2010 alone, about half a million new cancer cases were reported. Although there isn't sufficient evidence to prove cell phone use increases risk of getting cancer, it's not worth risking your child. 

As a parent, you might be wondering what other ways you could keep your child busy. Martial arts training is probably your best choice. Besides learning self defense, your child will learn important life skills such as self respect, self confidence, self discipline and leadership. Your child will have a fun activity that will help them grow stronger and healthier. Martial arts training will help your child remain mentally focused and keep them away from distractions that come with owning a cell phone.  Enroll your child in a fun, free trial class today to see what Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts can do for your family.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Importance of an After School Program

The Importance of an After School Program
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts
After school hours of the kids are what most working parents worry about these days. And this is not causeless worry. For years, after school hours have been the most conspicuous for incidents of violence against children as well as crimes committed by teens and young adults. 

After School Hours: Why Kids Need Protection
A detailed analysis by FBI’s incident-based reporting wing (NIBRS) clearly shows how the hours after school reported an increase in all kinds of crimes. Their research on juvenile crimes indicates how the time from 3 PM to 6 PM is when incidents of aggravated assault, robbery and violent crimes happen mostly. Interestingly, the data on crimes peaked on school days and showed a steady decline in non-school days. This indicates how most of these crimes are committed by teens and young adults who spend their after school hours roaming in the streets.

The assaults upon kids are equally significant. These too are reportedly more in the after school hours. This sometimes includes crimes against under-14 children and girls. In some of these incidents, victims were children who stayed at home alone without adult supervision. In some unfortunate cases, the unsupervised hours after school have also resulted in children being the victims of accidents at home or outside.

The Importance of an After School Program
In most of the above-mentioned incidents, the direct or indirect reason is the absence of adult supervision. In most homes with working parents, the parents have no way to ensure the kids’ safety in their after school hours. Unfortunately, most parents are not even aware of the potential danger. That is where an after school program is important.

The greatest importance of an after school program is that it offers a safe place for your child to spend his/her evening hours. An after school program is the only reliable way of ensuring the safety of children till your working hours are over. A significant article on Prevention Science by Denise Gottfredson spoke of the decrease in delinquency which is prompted by after school programs. What is true in the case of delinquency can also be said to hold in the case of teen alcoholism, drug abuse and violence against children.

Apart from ensuring the safety of your children, after school courses also offer the double benefit of teaching children something useful. You can help your child to learn something productive, which will be both relaxing and fun after a day of schoolwork.

After School Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s
After School Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry’s Academy (Peabody, MA) is a great option if you are in lookout of a productive and safe course. AMP as it is usually called, this can enhance the health and fitness of your kids, make them more confident, equip them to defend themselves from pressures like bullying and peer pressure. Martial art lessons are also valuable in aiding the education of your kids by boosting their brain and memory.

What makes Bruce McCorry’s AMP a perfect after school course is the campus. Academy is a safe hangout for your children where they can meet and learn from fellow learners as well as seniors. It can also be a portal for opportunities in professional martial arts in future. Hurry now to be a part of this unique course!

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Top Choice Martial Arts & Fitness

Bruce McCorry’s – Top Choice for all your Martial Arts and Fitness Needs

Martial Arts: The Most Popular Workout
According to a survey conducted by Simmons Market Research based on the city of New York 18.1 million Americans are into some or other martial arts. This wide spectrum of participants includes adults and children, women and men, as well as seniors and specially abled persons. Such a huge participation numbers which surpass all other sports and fitness trainings indicate how popular martial arts have become in the US. And this is definitely not without reason.

Learners and instructors unanimously testify the numerous advantages of learning martial arts. Health and fitness are the most important among them. The general increase in lifestyle-born diseases is one reason for the popularity of martial arts. In every society, nowadays there is more awareness regarding the importance of fitness and the need for working out. One of the reasons why martial art is so popular among the masses is that common men have chosen it as the perfect workout which is both effective and affordable.

The Significance of Proper Martial Arts Learning
Much of the efficiency of martial arts in enhancing health and fitness comes out of the way you learn it. Most martial arts are a mix of traditionally handed-down principles and quality research of modern science. Learning martial arts properly means learning it from experts who are adept in both these aspects of a martial art. That is why choosing the right school with the most efficient instruction becomes important.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy: Quality Martial Arts for Health and Fitness
The increasing popularity of martial arts has naturally resulted in numerous martial arts schools springing up in all developed societies. Recent surveys number as many as 30000 martial art institutions in US.

Bruce McCorry’s Academy in Peabody (MA) is a unique choice among these. Following are some of the aspects which make martial arts at Bruce McCorry’s an experience worth checking out:

1) Experienced instructors who have spent years as students and then as teachers in their respective arts.

2) Quality instruction that focuses on enhancing health, fitness, self-confidence and defense-skills of the learners

3) Age-accustomed and customized martial arts teaching which lets anybody above the age of three to experience martial art in a way that suits their capability

4) A whole array of program choices, including programs that are open to preschoolers, children, teens, adults, seniors and people with special needs.

5) Special courses in XMA and MMA for martial arts enthusiasts

6) Effective and time-saving programs for school-going children such as after school course and summer program with focus on study-skills and safety 

7) Little Ninjas Program for preschoolers with focus on their growth and development 

8) Peaceful campus and surroundings and a vibrant student community

Bruce McCorry’s academy has remained the forte of martial arts learning in Massachusetts since 1978. All the above reasons have made the academy the favorite haunt of martial art lovers since its inception. Bruce McCorry’s is the top destination for all your martial arts and fitness needs. You can now get a free trial and experience the magic of Bruce McCorry’s martial arts first hand before making the decision to join. Admissions to various courses are open. Hurry now and live the experience of true martial arts!

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Little Ninjas Program

Bruce McCorry's Popular Martial Arts Little Ninjas Program
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts
Did you know that martial arts training can enable kids to perform moves similar to those done by stunt men in martial arts movies such as Karate Kid? Only this time, the child will be performing the moves in reality. Unfortunately, violence has become part of mainstream entertainment that most parents wouldn't feel confident about enrolling their little ones to a martial arts school. However, martial arts has numerous physical, social and mental benefits for children and it's super fun.
Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy popular Little Ninjas Program offers the following benefits:

Early foundation for martial arts

Some of the most complex martial arts moves take years to master. Some must actually be learned during a very tender age. The Little Ninjas program offers your child the opportunity to have a martial arts foundation that will make it easier to develop both physically and mentally in their martial arts journey. A good example of a martial arts student who started early in life is Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh to name only a few. They are, or were, well known martial arts master and movie stars.

A self confident child

Children who enroll for Bruce McCorry's Little Ninja training program show a boost in their self confidence within a few weeks of training. The children are more confident about performing gravity defying moves which the ordinary child would be afraid of. The child is no longer afraid of achieving their goals and are even driven to help others achieve theirs. This confidence is transferred to other life situations such as dealing with problems and danger. The growth in confidence progresses with time and it's possible to build a future leader this way.

Acquisition of life skills

Most of the essential life skills are best acquired when we are young. This is the main reason why Bruce McCorry's Little Ninjas Program was created. Besides self confidence, martial arts helps to instill some of the most important skills in life. A good example is Tai Chi. This form focuses on building focus and concentration. To the child, this means that he or she can be able to work on things they initially thought impossible until they achieve success. Other life skills include self discipline, time management and self defense. These skills are not only useful in the academy class, they are also useful in real life. 

Martial arts training offers many benefits for your child. Not only will your little one learn to be physically active, martial arts provides an avenue to acquire some of life's most important skills in a fun way. No form of martial arts is considered poor. However, instructors can use martial arts as a way of corrupting young minds. As a parent wanting to enroll your child into a martial arts school, always ensure that the instructors are highly trained and want the best for your child. Bruce McCorrys Martial Arts Academy Peabody, MA has been training children since 1978. We have the most experienced and skilled instructors in the US. All instructors work with children assigned to them by ensuring each child's training needs are met. We also train children in a safe and serene environment.

Call us today at (978)535-7878 and arrange a free trial class. Let your child train with no obligation to register. See for yourself how powerful the Little Ninjas Program is at developing your child.

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10 Reasons to Learn Martial Arts

10 Reasons to Learn Martial Arts
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

In today's world, youngsters spend most of their time indoors. Technological advancements have allowed them to have fun playing video games, watching TV and surfing the internet. However, kids still have the desire to play outdoors and have some physical exercise. This desire can be channeled into martial arts training.

There are many martial art forms to choose from. Not only are they a fun way to get physical exercise, martial arts are a good way to learn different skills that are beneficial in everyday life. Training can also help remedy certain problems such as obesity, anxiety and violence. Martial arts are also a good way of developing a positive and confident personality regardless of gender or age. If you need reasons why martial arts is good for you, here are the top 10.

10. Positive influence
Being around positive people will help you become a better person in society. Joining a martial arts academy allows you to interact with many positive people building a positive attitude within you. Being around such people will motivate and influence you to strive to achieve your goals in life.

9. Goal setting and achieving
Embarking on a martial arts training journey requires you to set a goal and work hard to achieve it. Your goals can be to get better health, lose weight or rise through different belts to become a master. This skill can be transferred to real life situations such as academics where goal setting is required.

8. Emotional control
Martial arts training will help you keep your emotions under control when confronted with a stressing situation such as a violent attack. Training involves both physical control and control of the mind. As a result, you'll be calmer and more focused when confronted with a challenging situation.

7. Better coordination
Being coordinated is an important life skill. Martial arts training focuses on helping you achieve physical and mental coordination. Every training session is a step towards achieving a coordinated flow of your body movements which is in line with an alert mind.

6. Positive life skills
There are universal life skills which if you learned, could see you succeed in every aspect of life. Skills such as focus, courtesy, goal setting and time management are easily learned through martial arts training. Every training session provides you with the opportunity to train and use these skills. With time, you'll find that you easily influence other people to willingly do things for you.

5. Physical fitness
Being fit and healthy is something many people want. However, for many, this is just a wish that cannot be achieved easily. Martial arts provides a fun and easy solution to this. Regular training makes your body stronger, more flexible, energetic and more alert. It's also a fun way of keeping the body healthy and less prone to getting ill.

4. Personal development
If you want to be the star of your own life, martial arts is a great way of achieving this. Unlike team sports where success is dependent on team engagement, martial arts success depends on your individual input. In addition, daily training instills important skills which make you stand out and become recognized as a useful member in society.

3. Self discipline
Martial arts isn't about going around hurting people just because you can. It's all about learning how to defend yourself in case of an attack but, being responsible about how you act. Training daily allows you to build on self discipline which in turn allows you to achieve more in life.

2. Self confidence
Martial arts training is a great self confidence booster. Training daily and achieving success is a great way of knowing that hard work pays. Being able to rate yourself against others and look at your potential growing each day also helps boost self confidence daily.

1. Self defense
One of the primary aims of training in martial arts is learning how to defend yourself and others. People with martial arts training are equipped to handle a potentially violent situation. This makes training very good for girls and children who are often confronted by such situations and have to protect themselves. 

Visit  Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy,
(Peabody, Massachusetts) for more information and schedule a free trial class to see what Martial Arts can do for you.