Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Ultimate Summer Workout Plan at Bruce McCorry’s

The Ultimate Summer Workout Plan at Bruce McCorry’s
Peabody, MA

Are you one in lookout for a workout plan for this summer that you can easily follow and get the best results? If you are gearing up for getting fit and healthy this summer, Bruce McCorry’s Academy is where you should be. The martial art-based workout at Bruce McCorry’s Academy is for you, if you are one of those many who feel defeated by their body after having tried out different diets, workout tables and gym plans. This is for those who chart workout schemes at the beginning of every year or month and fail to stick to their expectations. In short, the Bruce McCorry’s fitness-oriented martial art programs are for all those who want to change their body in a positive way.

 Martial Art Programs for Fitness: Your New Workout Plan without All the Trouble
Summer is that time of the year when you feel from within like getting into shape and flaunting your body. The Bruce McCorry’s programs for fitness will help you to get the best of this summer and enjoy it to the fullest without being conscious of your body or health.

 A number of factors make the fitness-based martial art programs at Bruce McCorry’s stand out from those regular diet-and-workout schemes that you might have already checked out:

  • It is effortless: a surprising fact that is not well-known outside martial art circles is that most martial arts are capable of burning much more calories than regular workout programs with half the effort. Compared to the time and energy you spend at a gym, this is practically effortless. The martial art lessons at Bruce McCorry’s are specially framed to get the best of this fitness potential of martial arts.
  • It focuses on your body: Though martial art programs at Bruce McCorry’s have a general range of benefits that touch all aspects of a person’s life, you can get your custom needs addressed at the classes. If fitness is your goal, you get a full-fledged program that focuses on your body and helps you to shed fat and build toned muscles in a healthy way.
  • It gives you what you want: Instructors at Bruce McCorry’s work with the conviction that each person’s fitness needs and demands differ according to age, capability, strength and similar factors. As the courses are framed according to this, everyone will find at Bruce McCorry’s at least one program that suits them. The choices include little ninjas program for preschoolers, summer and afterschool programs for children and a range of lessons in different martial arts for teens, adults and seniors.

 A Workout Plan for Summer Shape with Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's
The highlight of this year’s fitness-oriented martial art lessons is Kickboxing Peabody, a state-of-the-art course in cardio kickboxing. A course that blends easiness and efficiency, Kickboxing Peabody introduces a martial art with the goodness of heritage packed in a contemporary mode. It will be a personally relevant course for anyone who takes it as it offers solution to an array of fitness and health concerns that plague our age. Brought to you by Bruce McCorry's, is located at since 1978.

 The power-packed range of Bruce McCorry’s martial arts programs is your easy and efficient path to achieve that perfectly toned body that everyone craves for this summer. 

Chart your own workout regime with veteran instructors at Bruce McCorry’s!
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pre-School Martial Arts for Your Superkid

Pre-School Martial Arts for Your Superkid: 
Bruce McCorry’s Little Ninjas Program

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For ages, parents have been fixated on the image of superkids who are good at whatever they do - studies, sports, arts and so on. Recently, more extensive research in child psychology has shown that intelligence is of many kinds and an all-rounder superkid is just a myth. In the wake of these discoveries, it is time to understand that a child gets to be a true superkid when his/her area of intelligence is discovered at the right age and he/she is given all the possible chance to excel in that. If you are the parent of a superkid, now is the time to stand up straight and think of your child’s future. Because pre-school age decides it all! 

The Right Guidance at the Right Age: The Importance of Pre-School Martial Arts

The pre-school age, or the years from 3 to 6 might sound a bit too early to introduce your kid to something like martial arts. But the cutting-edge research in development psychology tells us that the pre-school age is the most formative phase in a child’s physical and mental growth. Introducing them to child-friendly martial art programs under professional guidance can actually work wonders for them.

 If there’s something which only martial art can do for your child, it is this: it gradually helps your child to discover his/her true forte and hone those skills. This becomes possible because martial art is one of those rare activities that address your child’s physical, mental, emotional and social skills. The beginnings of this can be realized in the pre-school age itself as these are the years in which your kid will show his/her first interest in something, whether it be intellect-oriented activities like puzzles, athletic activities like games or social skills like communication.

 Helping your pre-schooler to develop interest in something is not the only benefit of martial arts. Apart from that, martial arts in pre-school age boosts your child’s health, immunity, cognitive skills, physical coordination and influences his/her thought-process in a positive way.

 Pre-School Martial Arts for Your Superkid: Bruce McCorry’s Little Ninjas - (

When we say that pre-school phase is the most volatile phase where your kid could be molded in different ways; this also shows the importance of choosing the right hands that can mold and guide him/her. Pre-school martial arts will be effective only if it is learned from those adept martial art instructors who have specialized in training children. That is exactly why you must choose Bruce McCorry’s Little Ninjas Program over other pre-school martial art classes.

 Little Ninjas is different from the rest of the programs for a number of reasons:
  •  It is one of those rare programs that follow a uniquely designed syllabus that helps to improve your kid’s cognitive, motor and social skills.
  • All the instructors at Bruce McCorry’s Academy are experienced martial art veterans who know how to deal with precarious learner groups like pre-school kids
  • The eight-pointed program that focuses on the skills of coordination, memory, fitness, discipline, cooperation, control, balance and focus spans all aspects of your child’s life that could be externally shaped at this age
  • Your little ninja will receive the best social interaction with peers, instructors and seniors at Bruce McCorry’s.

 It is time to say yes to Bruce McCorry’s so that your kids can have a super-future of health, happiness and success that you always dream for them. 

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Taking Control with Martial Arts: A Unique Way for Conquering Your Dreams

Taking Control with Martial Arts: A Unique Way for Conquering Your Dreams 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Losing control was a concept which we often celebrated in past, using it to denote rebellion, freedom, and uninhibited expression of individuality. Looking back, it is both interesting and sad to note that nowadays, mental health forums are the space where we often encounter the term. In 2015, The Atlantic precisely put a finger on the problem, when it noted that uncertainty is the root cause of anxiety in our times. Taking control of our lives has become a catchphrase as we have started to feel that nothing is under our control and nothing is certain. 

The Feeling of Having No Control over Life: Why Should You be Bothered

All of us have those moments when we feel that something important to us is totally beyond our grasp and grip. Sometimes it is a stalling career, a stooping education graph or a failing relationship. Sometimes it is a habit to which we have lost ourselves. Every day, we worry, suspect and even find ourselves failing as professionals, students, partners, parents, or simply human beings. But the real problem starts when we feel that we fall short of own ideals and find that our goals, dreams and ambitions are beyond us. This feeling of having lost control, according to psychology, is the number one cause leading to anxiety, depression and low motivation. So if you find yourselves in this dark space, it is time to act.

Teaching Your Mind and Body to Take Control: The Martial Art Technique

If you need a method to take control of your life’s failures and aspirations, you don’t have to look very far. A martial art class near you will show you how to do it. 

Following are some of your life’s uncertainties that martial arts will help to address:

  • Health: martial arts is a one-time solution to physical weakness, lifestyle diseases, low immunity and lack of physical activity. It even helps people to get through and emerge successfully from chronic illnesses.
  •  Body: Martial arts help to take control over your poorly maintained body. A fit, toned body means improved self-esteem, improved health and more social acceptance. 
  • Stress: Stress and related conditions like anxiety, social anxiety, depression and low self-confidence are prime factors that make you feel vulnerable. Martial arts train your mind to overcome each of these and finally be in control of your mindscape.
  •  Academics and Career: A big space where you feel insecure is your academics/career, because in our goal-oriented society, it is as if our life depends on success in education or profession. By socially and intellectually molding you to excel in your education and profession, martial arts help you to take control of your goals.
  • Relationships: Another great benefit that martial art provides you is emotional balance and maturity. This is what you need to be successful in maintaining your familial and romantic relationships. 
  • Habits: Finally, martial arts help you combat a number of habits and flawed lifestyles that throw your life off balance. Among them are smoking, drugs, alcohol, unhealthy eating habits and more. Martial arts is your personal answer to your personal struggles.

A perfect martial arts course at a reputed school like Bruce McCorry’s Academy gives you a brilliant blend of traditional art wisdom, refreshing physical moves, mind calming techniques and ways of living that speaks to your whole being. There is no more time to wait, now is the time to say yes and take control. 

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Friday, March 10, 2017

A Solution for Teenage Obesity Kick the Fat with Martial Arts

Kick the Fat through Martial Arts: A Sure Solution for Teenage Obesity
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts - Peabody MA

As a society, these days we have come to care more about what we eat and how physically active we are. If most of us still turn a blind eye on diet and workout habits, it is when it comes to children or teenagers. Even today, many adults seem to live with the notion that one extra bite of junk food or one lazy day spent on the couch can do no more harm to their kids. The common perceptions are that youngsters need rich food in their phase of growth or that junk food won't take the same toll on youngsters as it does on adults. We could have said that about nutritious or healthy food, but definitely not rich food. The result of these misconceptions is that even a decade before, USA was ranked the country with the most overweight teenagers (Inge Lissau, 2004).
 Obese Teenagers in USA: Stats and Consequences
A decade of health consciousness has passed by, but the picture is not very different. For instance, surveys say that:
  •  Since the 1970s, teen obesity in USA has tripled
  •  One in every three kid/teenager in USA is obese
  •  The number of obese teens in USA is around 12.7 million, around 17% of the total

The situation becomes scarier when we see the manifold circumstances that teenage obesity can lead to. Among them are:
  • Increased risk of chronic illness or lifestyle conditions like type 2 diabetes, cardiac risk factors, asthma and metabolic conditions
  • Psychological issues like lack of self-esteem, depression, low motivation and stress
  • Chances of teenage obesity to develop into adult obesity, sometimes lifelong
  • Difficult social life and increased chances of being bullied or socially isolated
  • Risk of conditions that can render the individual dysfunctional

Kick the Fat with Martial Arts: A Solution for Teenage Obesity
We usually blame teen obesity on poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. Sure, they are the two major causes, but the sad fact about obesity is that it happens as a result of a number of complicated causes. For instance, family heritage, binge eating, stress, health conditions, medication and even social issues are proven causes for teenage obesity. So a good diet plan and a physically active lifestyle is a must for fighting obesity, but beyond that we need a solution that provide a once-and-for-all answer to the physical, mental, emotional and social causes of obesity. 

In interesting ways, martial arts does this because it can address most of the causes associated with obesity except some irreversible ones like family history. 
  • Martial arts make teens draw upon their inner strength to self-actualize their body, mind and emotions
  • It helps learners to master excellent stress-relief skills 
  • It boosts self-esteem and social skills in children, leading to social acceptance and less social pressure
  • The combo of martial arts and mind healing, works together on body and mind leading to rapid weight loss in a healthy way
  • Above all, it provides teens with a physically active lifestyle that is twice beneficial compared to workouts or aerobics 

At qualified martial art schools like Bruce McCorry's Academy you will get combination programs of martial arts, meditation techniques and mind healing that together help to fight obesity without side effects or risks. Each teenager who suffers from obesity can find a sure way to health, happiness, social acceptance and success through martial arts.  Make this Month of Nutrition count, and start now with Martial Arts at Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts, located in Peabody, MA.  Conveniently located with a FREE no obligation trial.  It's a win-win!  
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Saturday, March 4, 2017

It's National Nutrition Month. Start Living Right this March with Martial Arts

It's National Nutrition Month. Start Living Right this March with Martial Arts
Written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts

Now that we are back to March, the month which the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics observe as the National Nutrition Month, everywhere the slogans are about eating right and switching to that healthy bite. A nutritional and healthy diet is definitely a sure part of healthy living. However the worsening numbers of obesity and other lifestyle-related health issues in the US indicate how important it is to broaden what we consider ways of healthy living.

The Obesity Paradigm: Is It Just About Unhealthy Diet?
Often, in discussions related to obesity, we see that a direct cause-and-effect relationship is drawn between unhealthy eating habits and overweight. Similarly experts tend to establish a link between US being one of the richest nations and also a nation with the highest obesity numbers. Today, however, many argue that even though unhealthy eating habits like junk food consumption and lack of nutritional diet are a large reason for obesity, the causes and remedies for obesity could not be reduced to this. Some studies highlighted by Food Research and Action Center such as a NHANES 2005-08 Analysis and a 2011 study by Freedman could be seen as examples. What is different about them is that they explore the increasing instances of obesity among the poor and the relationship between poverty and obesity.

 Such studies have led to an emerging consensus that diet habits are just one among the many causes for obesity. The spectrum of causes that doctors recognize today, apart from junk diet habits, include sedentary lifestyle, inaccessibility to nutritional food at the right time, hereditary conditions that affect the brain and the body, stress, health conditions like diabetes and more. In the wake of these new bits of research, we can see that eating right is only one of the many important steps we can take toward living a healthy lifestyle. We need to think beyond.

 Alternate Remedies: Finding an Answer in Martial Arts
If you are on a broad lookout for something that will take care of the many possible causes for conditions like obesity, perhaps the best remedy to watch out for is martial arts. Unlike the other measures that you might resort to like a diet plan or a workout scheme, martial arts can address the multiple causes behind unhealthy conditions like obesity. For instance:

  •  Martial arts can give you a physically active break from your sedentary lifestyle in an easier and a more effective way than common workouts.
  •  Adept martial art instructors can give you not just a plan for healthy diet, but a complete plan for healthy lifestyle and practices of life.
  •  Martial arts under professional experts can improve not just your physical health, but also your mental spirit, emotional strength and social skills. Stress relief is a typical example.
  • Sustained and effective martial art lessons will help you to address a number of health conditions that indirectly contribute to obesity, cardiac issues and stroke. It helps to combat diabetes, hormone imbalances, calcium and thyroid imbalances, lipid conditions and blood pressure.
  • At some offbeat martial art schools like Bruce McCorry’s academy, you get unique programs that offer martial arts along with mind healing techniques which is the shortest path to achieving a healthy body and mind. 

 Instructors who will personally attend to you and institutions which will give you tips on healthy living can actually bring about a change. Make the National Nutrition Month of March meaningful by thinking out of the box and adopting a complete healthy lifestyle that includes healthy diet but not just that!

Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts Academy holds the number one position when it comes to Martial Arts Schools in Massachusetts for both children and adults.  

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Pain Management through Martial Arts

Pain Management through Martial Arts 
written by: Bruce McCorry's Martial Arts


Looking back at the year 2016, it won’t be an overstatement to say that the word painkiller became quite a news maker. For quite a while, studies have pointed out the increasing cases of painkiller addiction among Americans, and this became a matter of debate last year. With this turn, it becomes important to discuss the ill effects of pain management systems based on addictive and dangerous coping mechanisms like painkillers and to think of alternate pain management mechanisms which are safer, better and healthier.

Mapping the Painkiller Addiction and its Consequences
The survey that made painkiller epidemic a matter of public debate was the 2016 Poll by Kaiser Family Foundation. A glance through the study shows that not everything is cool with America’s increasing obsession with pain relief medicines. An alarming 44% who took the survey certified that they knew at least one person who was addicted to prescribed pain medicines. It was further noted that more number of people found the opioid family, which includes painkiller medicines, a more serious threat to health than alcohol. It should concern us that more than 60% who took the survey felt that what the governments and prescribing doctors do to combat painkiller addiction is not enough. These voices are worth listening to, because it was only one year ago that CDC noted a four-time increase in deaths from drug overuse in the past fifteen years, matched by a similar four-time increase in the selling of prescribed painkillers. All these show that it is high time we thought of alternate pain management systems.

Pain Management through Martial Arts
There are several remedies put forth for the pain medicine epidemic by individuals and experts. Among them are getting medical staff and doctors trained in pain management, de-addiction treatments, awareness schemes, stronger and deeper research, as well as curbing the prescription and sales of painkiller medicines. But none of these address the core issue at hand: patients suffering from minor injuries to terminal diseases are badly in need of a system to curb pain, and once painkillers are out of the picture, we need a strong if not stronger alternate pain relief mechanism, which is healthy and free of side effects.

In the past few years, martial art was increasingly proposed as an alternate pain relief system for those in need. Testimonies and upcoming studies from different parts of the world show how martial arts help those whose threshold and nature of pain varies over a wide spectrum. This ranges from minor and temporary conditions of pain like injuries and muscular ailments to pain caused by chronic and terminal conditions.

A successful example of martial arts as a support for pain management could be seen at Bruce McCorry’s Academy in Massachusetts, a state which has not fared well when it comes to statistics on painkiller addiction. At Bruce McCorry’s Academy, the unique combination of martial arts, mind healing, meditation and physical training is used to energize the body and to becalm the mind. Gradually this leads to a lesser sensitivity and greater immunity to pain. Many successful examples like Bruce McCorry’s show how martial arts can be developed to a natural pain relief system - a potential alternate to the life-threatening painkiller syndrome. 


For each individual suffering from conditions of pain, martial arts is a sensible way of dealing with the struggle than painkillers as it provides a safe and healthy pain relief system instead.

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